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  • Agnes Moss

    Founder, President

  • Alejandra Argudin


  • Allison Gaddy

    Co-Founder, CEO, SUCCESS Coach, Influencer Pioneer, Mentor, Speaker, Realtor®

  • Amanda Quinn


  • Amanda Williams

    Realtor, Speaker, Influencer, CEO

  • Amber Venz Box

    Influencer Pioneer, President, Co-founder

  • Amina AlTai

    CEO, Head Coach, Speaker

  • Amy D’Aprix

    Chief Empathy Officer, Life Transitions Expert, Speaker, Coach, Author

  • Amy Forsythe

    Author, Speaker, Combat Veteran, Mentor

  • Amy House

    Founder, CEO

  • Amy Porterfield

    CEO, Podcast Host

  • Anaida Deti

    Entrepreneur, Dental Professional

  • Analia Mendez


  • Andrea Callanan

    Entrepreneur, Coach, Motivational Speaker

  • Andrea Walker-Leidy


  • Angela Ervin

    Author, CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor

  • Angela Ficken

    Psychotherapist, Entrepreneur

  • April Stephens


  • Ashley Graham

    Supermodel, Designer, Body Image Advocate

  • Bhavana Bartholf

    Global Head Digital & Sales Strategy

  • Brandi Fugate

    Lead Agent

  • Brandy Shaver

    Founder & CEO

  • Brenda Tushaus


  • Brittany Tibbitts

    Author, Mentor, Investor, Founder

  • Caitlin Duffy

    Mortgage Lender, Military Veteran

  • Caitlyn Bom


  • Cari Higham

    CEO, Author, Speaker

  • Carrie Charles


  • Chelsea Brosterhous

    Agency Owner, Serial Entrepreneur

  • Cheryl Brown Merriwether

    Co-founder, Vice President, Executive Director

  • Chloé Zhao

    Director, Screenwriter, Producer

  • Codie Sanchez


  • Colleen Basinski

    CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach, Realtor

  • Coral Mujaes

    CEO, Author

  • Cynthia McKenna

    Real Estate Agent, Team Leader

  • Danielle Amos

    Success Coach, Mentor, Influencer, Speaker

  • Dawn Conciatori

    Vice President

  • Deanna Dopslaf

    Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach, Speaker, CEO

  • Debbie Biery

    Entrepreneur, Coach, Expansion Ambassador, Social Media Marketing Consultant, Former National Education Director for eXp Power Girls

  • Debbie Ronayne

    Associate Broker

  • Denise Edinger

    Marketing Director, Jr. Partner

  • Dhomonique Murphy

    Founder, CEO, Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

  • Elda Sinani

    Government Administrator, Women Empowerment Advocate, Author, Coach

  • Elizabeth Riley

    eXp Realty ICON Agent, Founder, Co-Founder

  • Ellie Shefi

    Civil Rights Attorney, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Strategist, TV/Podcast Host, Consultant, Mentor, Philanthropist

  • Evva Fenison

    CEO, Founder, Author

  • Faith Abraham

    Author, Entrepreneur, Activist, Philanthropist

  • Felicity Harden

    Entrepreneur, Mentor, ICON Agent, Philanthropist, Co-founder

  • Fran Harper


  • Frances Avrett

    Business Owner, Executive Committee Of Women In Primerica

  • Galit Ventura-Rozen

    CEO, Speaker, Corporate Trainer

  • Helen Cummings-Henry

    Senior Vice President

  • Hollie Kitchens

    Founder, CEO

  • Holly Couture

    Owner, Broker Associate

  • Jane Roos

    Founder, Artist, Speaker

  • Janelle Bruland


  • Janet Courtney

    Owner, CEO

  • Janet Tonkins

    Founder, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach, Speaker

  • Jean Millicent Williams

    Minister, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO

  • Jeanette Prenger

    Founder, CEO

  • Jen Furness

    Founder, CEO

  • Jenna Kutcher

    CEO, Author, Host of The Goal Digger Podcast

  • JoAnn Mitchell

    CEO, Founder

  • Joanna James

    Chief Ambassador

  • Jodi Katz

    Founder, Creative Director

  • Joy Harjo

    United States Poet Laureate

  • Juanita Rasmus

    Pastor, Author, Transformational Coach

  • Julie Steele

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Justine Pogroske

    Founder, Director

  • Karin Volo

    CEO, Chief Joy Bringer

  • Kashaila Rocheleau

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Katharine Loucaidou

    Broker, Founder, Coach, Speaker

  • Kaylee McMahon


  • Kelly Morin


  • Kiara Streater

    Founder, CEO

  • Kim D.H. Butler

    President, CEO, Coach, Entrepreneur, Superhero

  • Kris Murray


  • Krista Mashore

    Real Estate Agent, Digital Marketer

  • Kristin Wild

    CEO, Mental Health Practitioner

  • Lara Schmoisman

    Founder, CEO

  • Laura Hunter

    Investor, CEO, Co-founder

  • Lauren Li

    CEO, Entrepreneur

  • Leigh Burgess

    CEO, Founder

  • Lina Ashar


  • Liz Papagni


  • Lorre Wilson

    Associate Broker, Mentor

  • Madhu Baker


  • Magdalena Yeşil

    Founder, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist

  • Maggie Chu

    Award-Winning Coach, Sales Expert, Founder

  • Mariet Ostos


  • Megan Marsh


  • Merav Marciano

    Agency Executive Officer, Executive Vice President

  • Michelle Braun

    Neuropsychologist, Brain Health Expert, Best-selling Author

  • Michelle Gardner-Ince

    Director, Dept. of Veterans Affairs

  • Michelle Poler

    Social Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Branding Strategist

  • Millie Leung

    Award-Winning Business Mentor, Bestselling Author, International Speaker

  • Mina Shah


  • Mindy Henderson

    Speaker, Author, Ability Advocate, Editor-in-Chief

  • Najuma Abiela

    Founder, CEO, Executive Coach

  • Natasha Mohan


  • Nichole Stansbury

    Business Owner

  • Nicole Brandes

    Founder, CEO

  • Pamela Kurt

    Author, Speaker, Coach, Attorney

  • Patrice Buckner Jackson

    Founder, Chief Heart Worker

  • Peggy Hill

    CEO, Broker

  • Rainy Rainmaker

    Award-Winning Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Author

  • Renee Bauer

    Attorney, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Co-Founder

  • Renee Dominguez

    CEO, Founder

  • Renee Funk

    Co-founder, Team Leader, NBA Sponsor

  • Rhonda Glover Reese


  • Ritu Bhasin

    CEO, Founder

  • Robin Bleier


  • Sandra Gonzalez

    Founder, Business Owner, Financial Coach

  • Sarah Klein

    Attorney, Sexual Abuse Advocate, Survivor

  • Sarah Mulford-Martin

    CEO, Real Estate Agent, Coach

  • Sheila Lirio Marcelo

    CEO, Founder

  • Shellie Hipsky

    CEO, Executive Director, Author

  • Sheri Riley

    Empowerment Speaker, Life Coach, Award-Winning Author

  • Shonda Rhimes

    Award-winning Writer, Executive Producer, Author

  • Smita Singh

    Real Estate Entrepreneur

  • Sophia Bailey-Larsen

    Meditation Teacher, Trainer, Vision Creation Mentor

  • Stacy Johnson

    Founder, CEO

  • Stephanie Benjamin

    Motivational Speaker

  • Stephanie Vanderbilt

    Business Owner

  • Stormy Wellington

    Fitness Influencer, Entrepreneur

  • Suzanne Fuqua

    Professional Artist, Associate Broker

  • Suzy Truax

    Founder, Advisor, Pioneer

  • Tammy Zonker

    Nonprofit Fundraising Strategist, AFP Master Trainer, Keynote Speaker

  • Tanya Beaubrun

    Physician, Author, Motivational Speaker

  • Tela Holcomb

    Founder, CEO, Stock Market Educator

  • Theresa Watts

    SVP Human Resources, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Tiffany Aliche

    Award-winning Teacher, Financial Educator, Author

  • Tina Torres

    CEO, Founder, Best-Selling Author

  • Tomette Herring

    Director of Business Development, FED/CIV, Speaker

  • Tricia Daniel

    Financial Literacy Speaker, Co-President, Founder

  • Trish Doll

    Entrepreneur, Visionary, Brand Strategist, Musician, Philanthropist

  • Twila True

    CEO, Co-founder

  • Venus & Serena Williams

    Tennis Champions

  • Veronica Figueroa

    CEO, Team Leader, Speaker, Real Estate Influencer

  • Wally Funk

    American Aviator, Space Tourist

  • Wendy Gladney

    President, CEO

  • Whitney Wolfe Herd

    Founder, Innovator, CEO

Agnes Moss

Founder, President

Agnes Moss is the Founder and President of National Black Movie Association, a nonprofit organization championing Black films, advocating for diversity and inclusion in the film industry and promoting equity in film education.

In her current role, Ms. Moss promotes community efforts to empower Black visual storytellers and designs public awareness campaigns to recognize the global impact of Black films and culture. In February 2020, Ms. Moss launched the first annual National Black Movie Day to acknowledge and celebrate over 100 years of Black achievements in the film industry. To date, the National Black Movie Association has awarded scholarships and awards to aspiring Black filmmakers attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Black filmmakers and community organizations supporting Black films.

Ms. Moss has an extensive background in television, public relations, journalism and film that spans over 20 years. Before establishing the National Black Movie Association, Agnes’s passion was producing television programs, short films and online segments for multicultural audiences. Her personal mission has always been to empower Black audiences with positive on-screen stories of culture and prominent community figures. She believes it’s empowering for Black youth to see themselves and their stories on screen. Ms. Moss is a proud graduate of North Carolina Central University and holds a Master of Science Degree in Education Administration from Trinity University in Washington, DC.

Alejandra Argudin


Alejandra “Alex” Argudin was born in a modest neighborhood in Miami and raised in a bi-ethnic household (Hispanic-Chinese). After her father passed away early in her life, her mother worked several jobs to support the family. She worked at a summer job in the City of Miami, where she developed a passion for public service and giving back to society’s neediest.

She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Business Administration while working full-time. After holding several positions across various disciplines in the City of Miami administration and gaining a reputation as a hard-working, all-hands-on-deck staff member, she went to work for Miami Parking Authority (MPA). At MPA, she was promoted to several key positions until, in March of 2020, Alex became the first woman and a Latina to hold the CEO position in more than six decades.

She took the reins of MPA just a few days shy of the unraveling Covid-19 pandemic. The toll of the pandemic renewed her spirit of service, and as she frequently points out: “we, in public service, have a mission to accomplish but also a duty to serve our customers, businesses, and society in general.”

Under her leadership, the Authority implemented several initiatives to mitigate the economic impact of the pandemic in the Miami neighborhoods. Those initiatives have given back close to three million dollars of in-kind on-street parking to restaurants and customers.

She has inspired, hired, and promoted qualified women to a wide range of positions within the Authority throughout her career. A top-notch professional, Alex strives to embed equity and inclusion initiatives in the organization’s culture. She feels that it is imperative to reflect on those who we serve and see through the eyes of the people who know and understand the essence and character of each culture and heritage.

Alex is leading public-private partnerships that will deliver affordable and workforce housing to the Miami urban core. She remains committed to enhancing mobility by diligently piloting, testing, and deploying a suite of tools to foster a new era of economic development, quality of life, and social prosperity in the Miami community.

Allison Gaddy

Co-Founder, CEO, SUCCESS Coach, Influencer Pioneer, Mentor, Speaker, Realtor®

Allison Gaddy, a Texas native with nothing but passion, determination, and a dream, is proud to have established a platform for inspiring change and leadership in the real estate industry that has impacted thousands. Allison helps leaders dream big, learn to inspire and lead others. She backs that inspiration up with meaningful results through Expert Partners, her renowned, world-class real estate leader’s mastermind platform.

“One of the things I’m often asked is, “How on earth did you get started in all this?” says Gaddy. ” I’ve had an insatiable thirst for knowledge as well as the expansion of mind and soul for as long as I can remember”. Allison  was curious as to what it is that makes people so genuinely happy, successful, and fulfilled. “Why do some people struggle while others thrive, often in the face of the most adversity?” What she learned, she applied to the real estate industry to help people  create breakthrough transformations.

Gaddy believes that in order to thrive in today’s world, you must bring your entire self to the your relationships and interactions. Allison continues to learn new things from these people and others on a daily basis, expanding her own ideas about what it means to live a fully creative and meaningful life.

An international keynote speaker, Gaddy speaks to large groups of women about topics that change minds and impact lives. She is also a real estate influencer and industry leader. She shares love, a passion for what’s possible, and a commitment to inspiring an unstoppable force for good by bringing together the best minds in business as co-founder of Expert Partners, a personal growth and development company.

Allison, a certified SUCCESS coach, has been featured in numerous publications, including Business Insider, where she was named a Top 10 Real Estate Agent to Watch in 2021, and Forbes Magazine.

“We provide free content, online training programs, and anything else we can bring to the world — we’re here to make a difference.” What is Gaddy’s mission? To assist you in creating a life that you truly love, a life that is unique and brilliantly tailored to you.

She helps people reach the highest levels of their creative potential and tap into the deepest wisdom within, whether they are starting, growing, or looking to make a big change in their personal lives.

Allison’s life revolves around transformations. She currently resides in Puerto Rico, where she is the owner of Expert Partners, a real estate company in the eXp network of agents. With nearly 1,000 agents spread across 42 states and four countries. She employs the same high-level thinking in her leadership style and assists agents in achieving greater success in their businesses and lives.

Amanda Quinn


At the young age of 9, Amanda, learned that life was precious and not to be taken for granted. While this realization came later in life but the lesson was imprinted back then when she lost her best friend and older sister to suicide at the age of 11. After this devastating loss Amanda turned to food for comfort, and looked at food with a new type of relationship forming that wasn’t always a healthy one. Food fed an empty place in her heart and void in her life that she wasn’t sure how to fill at such a young age.

After this loss, her family life also spiraled having her mother take a dark path of drug abuse and her father following a life of crime. There was never a time that she felt in control until her early teenage years when she realized that she did have choices and options and could choose to create the path she wanted. The past did not have to dictate the future.

At 15 years old she met her best friend and now current business partner Laura Jackson who helped her shape her new life. With the support, love and caring of this bond Amanda was able to look at her life in new ways, health in new light and began shaping a healthy attitude towards her and healthy living. Together they joined a yoga class, a gym and started to workout together and began the difficult task of living a balanced life while finding compassion for themselves.

This new approach shaped her in ways she is now so grateful for as it changed her life and created a new found love for herself, respect for her body and health.

However, this approach was only temporary as it wasn’t yet her life but still just a part of the learning process. Fitness continued to be a major passion, going to the gym was like breathing in the sense that it happened naturally and every day, however the compassion and healthy living was something that fell by the way side.

During her years through College and the beginning of her career in Sponsorship Management there was late nights, binge eating, drinking and smoking. It wasn’t pretty!

Years passed with this continued vicious cycle of unhealthy habits combatting her inner need for health and wellness and it was in June of 2008 that Amanda and Laura decided that they were going to live the life they knew they were meant for and atlas FIT CHICKS was born in September of 2008.

With FIT CHICKS taking off and becoming a focus for her life she knew if she was going to sell it she had to truly live it and changed her unhealthy habits for balance and health. This passion that lived inside of her for years was now at the forefront and continues to be the driving force behind everything she does on a daily basis.

From starting her business with 7 women signing up for her fitness program and now operating a global 7 figure, fitness and nutrition certification company, she truly believes anything is possible and shares this message with the world.

Of course, we are all human and there are pizza days snuggling with her daughter and cats, but the balance is finally there. As well as the passion for igniting this health living lifestyle and helping women on a global scale find their inner FIT CHICK.

Together we can all make an impact and change our lives for the greater good and in turn help change the lives of the loved ones around us!

Amanda Williams

Realtor, Speaker, Influencer, CEO

Amanda Williams, also known as “Amanda The Traveling Realtor” is in the Top 1% of eXp Realty brokers and influencers, and also owns a Short-Term & Mid-Term Rental business in Raleigh, NC. She is now purchasing properties world wide, starting with an overwater bungalow in BELIZE and a residency at sea on a new ship being built that will travel around the world for 3 years straight!

Amanda is currently living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico building a large “tribe” of agents world wide that she helps create multiple streams of income, focusing on passive income.

She enjoys helping other women learn to invest in real estate while designing a life of Joy, FUN, and Success. You can find her on stages around the world teaching her Mid-Term Rental concepts or just inspiring people to Live Life Now!

Amanda’s goal is to inspire 10,000 Realtors to live a passive income lifestyle and travel the world.

Amber Venz Box

Influencer Pioneer, President, Co-founder

A recognized style creator, Venz Box conceptualized and launched rewardStyle (now LTK) at the age of 23 as a solution to monetize her fashion blog, Venzedits. Her experience in almost every niche of the fashion industry—shop girl, editorial stylist, fit model, retail buyer, and jewelry designer—provided unique perspective in crafting the proprietary tools that would fuel LTK’s global success. A three-time featured keynote speaker at SXSW, she has been named in Forbes 30 Under 30, Inc. magazine’s Most Influential Millennials, the Business of Fashion 500, and Entrepreneur magazine’s 15 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch.

Amina AlTai

CEO, Head Coach, Speaker

My name is Amina AITai (pronounced AH-MIN-UH) and I’m a holistic leadership and mindset coach, proud immigrant and chronic illness advocate. My mission is to help 1 million under-represented leaders find their purpose and live and lead from it every day because when we do we have the power to drive change, shift culture and uplift economies. A leading coach to notable female leaders and impact-driven celebrities—my mastery is in connecting us to our brilliance and teaching us to share from it each day. As a woman of color of Iraqi descent, I often work with marginalized communities to help them realize possibilities in a way that honors their particular lived experiences. I’m known for my work around Aligned Leadership and supporting clients in pivoting from Role Models to Whole Models (TM).

As a graduate of NYU with a degree in communications and economics, I started my career with luxury brands and worked for companies such as Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana and Vera Wang before co-founding a marketing agency to support emerging female entrepreneurs. I then went on to lead marketing for two wellness companies-Spafinder Wellness and Bliss. After spending a decade grappling with a fast-paced career in marketing and two autoimmune diseases, I hit burnout. In hopes of healing my own life, I sought training in coaching, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness and my goal became to teach others how to balance a thriving career, body and mind—and so my coaching practice was born. I take a holistic approach to coaching, examining any blocks in the mindset, in our bodies, and in how we lead.

In addition to my business, I led Social Impact Empowerment Coaching with Inspire Justice where I trained celebrities and media executives on how to lead more equitably. I am also a Founding Guide for Chief, the largest and most prestigious women’s leadership network in the country.

For my corporate work, I have partnered with progressive companies such as Deloitte, Y&R, Outdoor Voices, NYU and HUGE. I’m an Entrepreneur Magazine expert- in-residence, a Forbes Coaches Council Member and have been a featured expert in Goop, Well+Good, New York Post, Yahoo, NBC, and was named one of Success Magazine’s 125 Leaders Making a Difference.

It is the greatest honor and privilege to do this work. To date, my work has supported thousands of change-makers dropping the hustle and burnout and stepping into alignment and I hope to support thousands more in the years to come.

Amy D’Aprix

Chief Empathy Officer, Life Transitions Expert, Speaker, Coach, Author

When it comes to life’s stages, changes, and events, there are three types of people – those experiencing them, the professionals advising them, and leaders who get why this is so important to their business success. Dr. Amy D’Aprix walk’s beside and helps all three. As Chief Empathy Officer, Life Transitions Expert, Speaker, Coach, and Author, she teaches people how to have more choice, control, and independence, until the day they die.

Dr. Amy D’Aprix is an internationally respected expert on lifestyle issues relating to retirement, aging, caregiving, and family dynamics. With a Ph.D. in Social Work, “Dr. Amy,” as she is affectionately known, has provided down-to-earth, practical, and professionally informed guidance on Life Transitions to individuals, professionals, and organizations for over 30 years. A compelling, pragmatic, inspirational speaker, coach, and author, Dr. Amy has helped thousands of Financial Advisors and their clients across North America. She provides sound guidance, humor, and enthusiasm in navigating Life Transitions to ensure the success of overall life goals and financial plans.

Dr. Amy’s publications:

*From Surviving to Thriving: Transforming Your Caregiving Journey
*Life Memories Journal
*Building the Bonds of Friendship at Midlife and Beyond
*Caring Cards
*Top Tips to Transforming Your Caregiving Journey
*Fifteen Ways to Master Change in Your Life Right Now

Amy Forsythe

Author, Speaker, Combat Veteran, Mentor

Amy Forsythe is an award-winning military journalist who has served five combat deployments covering military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a U.S. Marine combat correspondent and Navy public affairs officer, her imagery from covering military operations around the world has been featured in numerous international and national media outlets. Her photos and video content continues to be used for historical purposes in documentaries and academic research.

She is involved in supporting various local veteran service organizations and volunteers to mentor the next generation of women in the military and those looking to join the military.

Amy recently released her first book titled ‘Heroes Live Here: A Tribute to Camp Pendleton Marines Since 9/11’ which started as a passion project to showcase the memorials and markers on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton which has turned into a collaborative work of art honoring our fallen heroes of the post-9/11 generation. Amy was first stationed at Camp Pendleton in 1995 and still has strong ties to the region and surrounding communities.

Her patriotism and passion for sharing the courage it takes to serve in uniform has made her a highly sought out journalist and inspirational speaker. She also serves on the board of several organizations that provide assistance to veterans and their families. She’s traveled to more than 20 countries on assignment and attributes her success to developing a strong sense of resiliency and resourcefulness.

You can always find Amy with a camera in her hand to capture life’s most important moments for those around here. She often shares this saying as a metaphor for surviving life’s ups and downs: “Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.”

Amy House

Founder, CEO

Amy House, M.Ed., is a business success coach, National TV Contributor on ‘Profits and Politics with Rick Amato’, and founder of Growin’ Out Loud Darlin’. As a business consultant, coach, and trainer, she is an expert at helping business owners, executives, and teams find the achievement and fulfillment they desire in business and life. With over 20+ years of marketing and business development in the corporate world, and entrepreneurial experience building her consulting/coaching, and marketing firm, she knows a little “something something” about what it takes to GROW OUT LOUD!

She is a Steel Magnolia and brings that sassy YaYa wisdom to help your business Grow Out Loud, Darlin’. Amy has coached 100s of business executives and owners to success by helping them develop the systems, mindset and skills to grow their businesses 4x, 10x and even 20x their annual revenues.

She is active on several professional boards and business organizations. She believes in deciding and doing. She is proof that with some business cards, desire and action; you can create anything you set your mind to. She believes her success is a by-product of the success she helps others achieve.

Amy Porterfield

CEO, Podcast Host

Amy Porterfield teaches business owners, educators, and entrepreneurs the profitable action steps for building a highly engaged email list, creating online training courses, and using online marketing strategies to sell with ease. She is also the podcast host of her top-ranked business podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, where she hosts expert interviews, mini execution plans, and intimate behind-the-scenes secrets from her biggest launches. Her mission is to help ambitious entrepreneurs build an online business with digital courses to generate consistent revenue and create financial freedom.

Amy now has a multiple 7-figure business, 250,000+ loyal subscribers, and is continuing to lead the way in the online business space!

Anaida Deti

Entrepreneur, Dental Professional

Anaida is a dental professional who has built an award winning business model and now inspires and motivates other dental professionals, and women entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.

Even though she is only 41 years old, she has gone through a dictatorship, a civil war, three countries and many personal and business challenges.

Her humble beginnings start with her and her husband immigrating to Canada from Albania, 20 years ago, with pocket change and no English. She worked 7 days a week while going to school full time. She started everything from scratch. Her business started with only her, booking appointments in her car until she was able to open her own dental office in 2016. Now she is opening more locations throughout the province with the next one coming as soon as this fall.

Her story has been considered a success story not only by everyone that knows her, but also by a lot of national and international media. She has been featured in many TV and radio shows, magazines, newspapers, online platforms and many more to share her amazing successful journey and her dental expertise. Anaida has been a cover story for many prestigious magazines. She was featured on Forbes in October last year sharing her business tips on how to be successful. She was selected as one of the 10 Most Influential Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 in North America by PrimeView Magazine. She was also chosen as a one of the Most Successful Business Women to Watch in 2020 by Insight Success, as well as a 100 Best Companies in 2020 from Exeleon Magazine. She was selected as 10 Best Performing CEO’s 2020 by The Business Berg. In 2021 she was awarded as one of the Most Influential Female Entrepreneur by Woman Entrepreneur Magazine. Anaida has just been chosen as one of the most influential leaders to know in 2022 for Success 125, in honour of the 125th anniversary of the Success Magazine. Anaida has won many local, national and international awards.

She has been a part of an international book project, The Mind of Female Entrepreneurs by Global Woman. She has been a dental blogger for Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Inside Toronto.

She has founded Mission Kind (Kids In Need of Dentalcare), to help children aged 6-16 obtain much needed dental work at no charge. She does a lot of community work by offering free dental care to immigrant families with low income. Every December our office offers free dental/dental hygiene services to people in need. We have offered free services to 30 people from the Red Door Family Shelter. We had a whole day planned for them, with lunch and a magic show, Santa made an appearance and gave the kids Christmas gifts and much more. We have also offered free services to teenager moms that cannot afford dental services. We had a whole day planned for them and their kids.

Anaida is also a very proud mom of two beautiful kids, Samuel, 18 years old, and Iliana, 7 years old.

Analia Mendez


Analia Mendez is the founder of Signature Careers LLC, who brings over 22 years of career and workforce development experience for teams around strengths, employee engagement, and professional development. Through her career coaching work, she has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives by designing large-scale initiatives and sustainable educational programs for organizations like UC San Diego and Savannah College of Art and Design. Ms. Mendez has been a featured speaker at the U.S. News STEM Solutions: Workforce of Tomorrow (2017), Univision, and the National Association of Colleges and Employers. A few career clients that Ms. Mendez has served include the California Department of Public Health in partnership with 34 Strong, U.S. Marine Corps, and the Ivory Bridges Foundation.

Outside of speaking, workshop facilitation, and coaching, Ms. Mendez volunteers, writes, and presents for national professional organizations like Comic-Con International and The Honor Foundation. She has been a featured expert career panelist for Young Women in Bio, Association for Women in Science, CEO Today Magazine, and National Association of Legal Assistants. Most recently, she was recognized as 2021 National Women of Influence by the Connected Women of Influence International Association for her valuable contributions as a coach and for making a positive impact on women’s professional careers.

Ms. Mendez has led high-performing academic and career teams throughout the country. She has taught and launched award-winning professional programs for Savannah College of Art and Design, UC San Diego, San Francisco State University, Western Oregon University, California State University San Bernardino, City College of San Francisco, College of the Desert, California State University, Sacramento, and California State University San Marcos.

In addition to her extensive career in academia and professional coaching, she has an entrepreneurial spirit. Ms. Mendez is the San Diego Soar Evangelist and became part of the founding team for—a Paul Allen company and founder of

It is Ms. Mendez’s desire to continue to impact thousands of lives through her lifelong passion and dedication to helping others achieve their ultimate career goals and dreams. She is fueled by seeing people develop and grow until they have reached goals that were once thought of as impossible.

Ms. Mendez holds a Master of Science in Counseling and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from San Francisco State University.

Andrea Callanan

Entrepreneur, Coach, Motivational Speaker

Andrea Callanan was a single parent, broken financially and emotionally. Mother to two boys and now happily married, today, she’s a multi six figure entrepreneur, helping thousands of women annually.

She uses her transformational story to help inspire other women. Her Mission is to empower and facilitate women to find their choice, power up their home economies, find their confidence, their voice and business success.

Over nearly three decades, she has helped tens of thousands start and grow aligned businesses, become speakers, leaders and find their self-worth.

A certified positive psychology coach, Callanan has worked in the workplace happiness space with many global brands for more than a decade, specializing in culture, workplace engagement and leadership.

As an international speaker she has shared the stage with the likes of Simon Sinek and Sara Blakely. She has been named as a Top 25 Inspirational Welsh woman, won Small Business Guardian leader of the year and achieved a top 5 podcast. She is also attending an invite only mastermind with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island as part of a global community of forward thinking entrepreneurial women.

She supports high achieving women and entrepreneurs internationally with their mindset, aligned business growth, visibility and speaking skills with multiple online coaching offerings, including her fully accredited Aligned Coaching Academy certification, approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management and her gold standard mindset and business course, The Unapologetic Self Mastery Accelerator.

Included in the Success 125 list, she is the author of two Amazon best selling books ‘You are Meant for More’ and ‘Step Aside And Rise’, and is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

Andrea Walker-Leidy


Andrea Walker-Leidy works with local communities, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to identify their mission and brand, and then share that story with their audience. Walker Publicity was founded with one vision … sharing stories. Andrea and her team do this through media relations, social media, event planning, community outreach, and professional development. While she calls Walker Publicity a publicity company, it is simply because we all still need titles. Andrea is a connector, a brainstormer, a leader, and a storyteller. Every day she’s looking for stories to tell and people or places to share them.
Andrea’s background includes:
  • Being on the board of several nonprofits
  • Serving as a School Board Trustee in her community
  • Published writing in dozens of newspapers and magazines
  • Receiving Young Professional of the Year award in 2010
  • Named Elite 40 Under 40 in 2016
  • Oversees media relations and social media for nonprofit organizations and for-profit business
The term ‘self-made’ is one that Andrea Walker-Leidy doesn’t take lightly. Raised by a single/widowed mother, she spent much of her adolescent years battling undiagnosed depression and anxiety. It wasn’t until after she put herself through college that she would be diagnosed with dysthymia, a term that simply meant she’d been sad a long time. Finding ways to cope, manage and overcome depression would become the anthem for both her life and career. Balance is not a luxury for those who struggle with mental illness. It is a vital determiner of success. Andrea was determined to succeed, tell her story, and, more importantly, tell the stories of others.
She earned her bachelor’s degree in professional writing in 2005 from a small university and went to work for a local newspaper. However, she quickly realized that the 9-5 lifestyle was not for her. She ventured out to start a professional writing business at 25, armed with a small loan from her grandmother and a one-year deferment on her student loans.
Fast-forward 15 years, dozens of clients, five therapists, an incredible husband, a miracle son, and the passion to find a better way to balance life, and here we are. She believes everyone has a story. That story is the fuel behind what they do and who they are. Every business or career was once a little idea, a dream, and the story behind what the masses now see.
Andrea’s not the PR executive at the ‘big’ firm who works with the ‘big’ clients. She is the woman behind the scenes of small to-mid-sized businesses that are the core of ‘keeping it local.” Andrea’s work is the content and vision behind the keyboard or camera for nonprofits making a difference in a city. Andrea’s empire is small by choice. She believes in the individuals and the stories that are so often untold and works hard to tell them. In 2018 Andrea gave a Tedx talk that encapsulates her passion for work/life balance entitled ‘Lean in. Then, take a nap.’
Andrea’s life inspires every girl and woman that YOUR dream is attainable. Your goal can be to become exactly what YOU can sustain and what is right for YOU. When we pave our own way, we can leave an open trail for those who may want to come behind us, even if just for that portion of the path while they find the course they want to blaze on their own.

Angela Ervin

Author, CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor

Angela Y. Ervin is an entrepreneur (many times over) who has developed a program for women and mom entrepreneurs to provide a vehicle for the purposes of empowering them to build a business from the ground up. As a personal development and business coach, Angela has a 6-figure CEO womanhood community to assist women and mom entrepreneurs in healing, overcoming past trauma and life struggles; all the while providing them with expertise with entrepreneurial tools for success. Angela has helped young girls in public schools with personal development and offered branding grants to qualified participants to launch their business. Recently, Angela was featured in Black Media News for creating a business curriculum for black women and mom entrepreneurs. With Angela’s guidance and tutorial assistance, more and more women are branching out, leading the way and becoming female CEO’s.

Additionally, Angela has a very popular podcast called 6-Figure Lab, which was recently positioned in the top ten globally for entrepreneurial podcasts via Apple.

She has a thriving skincare line called Evolve Posh Brand. She achieved her degree as a Master Cosmetologist and Esthetician from Florida Technical College; graduating at the top of her class, Summa Cum Laude.

Angela has published several articles on skincare via Rolling Out Magazine (in Atlanta) as well as several other media outlets in her regional area. She was also featured in Black Enterprise in January

Angela Ficken

Psychotherapist, Entrepreneur

In a world where women are underrepresented in leadership positions and are often marginalized in the workplace, it is important to keep up your voice.

It is not easy for women to be heard over the noise of men dominating conversations. However, women can use their voices to create change and make an impact on society. I am a woman of influence and I strive to use my voice and knowledge to make an impact on society.

First, I am a psychotherapist with more than 15 years of experience specializing in OCD, anxiety disorders, and stress-related concerns.

Before going into a full time private practice, I worked at McLean Hospital which is one of the country’s leading psychiatric hospitals and at Harvard University where I was a primary therapist for undergraduate and graduate students. Through these work experiences, I witnessed the toll anxiety can have on people’s lives and their relationships. I became trained and certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), which are two gold standard therapies that treat anxiety, and I have made it my life’s work to teach people strategies that empower them rather than feel trapped by their emotions.

More recently, I’ve become an entrepreneur, creating online stress management courses and workbooks designed specifically for professional women. Often women wear many hats at once, constantly juggling, never quite feeling rested or content. My goal is to provide professional women with what I teach in my private practice through accessible online, easy-to-use products. You don’t need to be in therapy with me to gain a solid foundation on stress and anxiety management.

April Stephens


At an early age I learned the value or serving and leadership. I joined the Army National Guard shortly after high school and learned invaluable lessons about myself and leadership. A few years later I was afforded the opportunity to attend Real Estate school at night while working 2 part time jobs and raising a toddler. Fast forward 16 years and I am a former broker owner of a RE/MAX franchise, now a shareholder with exp Realty and the leader of a top producing team and a new homes division. We recently built our forever home in a 4600 sq ft building and are continuing to expand. We currently serve 5 counties in our area and strive to provide stellar customer service. I have had the privilege of mentoring many agents and my recently started a real estate school named The REal School.
I am passionate about training agents on what they need to be successful in representing their clients by leading real world training! I was also recently appointed to the Johnston County Board of Commissioners. I am so excited to represent my county and be a champion for smart growth as well as housing affordability.

Ashley Graham

Supermodel, Designer, Body Image Advocate

Ashley Graham is an American supermodel, designer, author. and body activist whose influence has reshaped the fashion and media industries and redefined traditional beauty standards. Graham has worked in numerous areas of the fashion industry including editorial, catalog, runway, commercial, television and film. In February 2016, Graham made history as the first size 14 model be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swim. In January 2018, she became a brand ambassador for Revlon, making her the first curvy model of her generation to receive a major beauty contract. She also hosts the Pretty Big Deal podcast.

Bhavana Bartholf

Global Head Digital & Sales Strategy

Bhavana Bartholf is an award-winning leader and sought-after expert in the field of providing vision and accelerating Digital Transformation for corporations across industries worldwide. Throughout her career, she has served as a customer-focused transformational leader, innovative technologist, STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) advocate, and ally for women and racial/ethnical minorities. She has a proven track record for building high performing organizations with focus on growing female/REM workforce. She is dedicated to driving systemic change to create inclusive work environments.

Bhavana is passionate about inspiring Female Empowerment to address Gender equity and biases. For years, she has been on a mission to understand the impact of inequities, the gender gap, impact by industry and gender stereotypes. She became especially passionate about these challenges during the pandemic as it set women back disproportionately in just its first year, and women lost ground on what incremental progress we have made in the quest for equality. Through her work as an advocate for all women, Bhavana has ignited change across Microsoft, launching the first-ever Advocating for Yourself Initiative—inspiring unprecedented enthusiasm about why self-advocacy is difficult for women and how to find our voices. This same passion later garnered the attention of TEDxWaterStreet, where she was invited as a speaker. On May 4, 2022, Bhavana took the stage to share her first-ever TEDx talk, “The Secret to Self-Advocacy”, sharing her transformative journey and 5-Step framework to unlock the secret to self-advocacy.

Brandi Fugate

Lead Agent

Brandi Fugate has worked in the real estate and mortgage industry since 1995. Beginning her career in Chicago, Brandi specialized in helping buyers finance their dream homes by offering flexible mortgage products and aggressive underwriting guidelines. In 2000 Brandi moved back to her home state of Oklahoma to continue her mortgage and real estate career closer to home. As a Realtor specializing in residential sales, Brandi has won numerous awards including Sprik Realty Top Agent (2016), Sprik Realty Top Agent (2017), Keller Williams Triple Gold Recipient (2018), Tulsa People Magazine’s Top 100 Realtors (2018) and Real Producer’s Top 500 Agents (2019.)

Brandi and her husband Troy own and operate the Private Label Team powered by eXp Realty, one of the fastest growing real estate teams in Oklahoma specializing in residential real estate. Brandi and her team have been honored with awards including America’s Best 18th Largest Medium Sized Real Estate Team in Oklahoma (2019) and Keller Williams Quad Gold Award (2019.)

Brandy Shaver

Founder & CEO

Brandy Shaver knows the importance of creating relationships first. She has had an amazing impact on many women who come through her life. She is the Founder of Beach Boss Influencers, and has built a following of over 200,000+ followers on social media using her unique relationship-building techniques. She has helped over 35,000 entrepreneurs build their businesses online through her efforts.

Brandy is different than most successful women out there. She is an authentic go-giver, who understands and can relate to REAL women and the struggles they go through juggling being a mom, wife, and wanting to build a life she has dreamed of.

She is a wife and mother of 6 amazing children all while building her 8- Figure Empire.

Brenda Tushaus


With nearly 25 years in the real estate industry, Brenda has led RE/MAX Results with her experience and vast technology knowledge. Her drive and dedication ensure the company remains at the forefront of the industry.

She has helped grow RE/MAX Results to over 1,200 Sales Executives, 47 offices, and over 28,000 closed transaction sides.

Brenda serves on the Board of Directors for the Regional MLS of Minnesota, is active on the Minnesota REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee, and is a supporter of the REALTORS® Political Action Committee.

In addition to the organizations she serves, Brenda is also an active volunteer with the Results Foundation and hosts the bi-weekly Results Driven Podcast.

Brittany Tibbitts

Author, Mentor, Investor, Founder

Brittany Tibbitts is a published author, speaker, mentor, real estate investor, and is the founder of Elle Potential. She exemplifies that as a woman, you can wear many hats. She strongly believes you are not meant to be confined by the walls of your environment and encourages others to break out of the mold and expand! She is passionate about helping women elevate by pivoting away from doubt and underestimation. She has achieved both personal and professional success by taking inspired action, overcoming barriers and passionately believes in helping other women step into their power to make this possible for themselves.

Brittany started her career as a dental hygienist and quickly climbed the ladder of her industry. She knew she could better serve the patient population by reaching the professionals of her industry. She went on to mentor and coach dental health providers and professionals, before transitioning into her operational role in 2020. During this time, she led her team and patient communities through the COVID-19 pandemic, establishing new protocols, facilitation of training and operational flow to maintain the safety of her team and patients. She also suffered the loss of her father to his battle with kidney disease and unexpectedly lost the support of her doctor mentor that partnered with her in the operations of the business. This was a difficult time, but she continued to show up to lead her team and patient communities through the uncertainty of the pandemic. She also secured funds to provide scholarships to area dental health students in need of financial support. She celebrates the establishment of an endowment that will fund scholarships for dental health students in perpetuity at an area college in one of her patient communities.

Through this experience, Brittany’s love for leadership deepened and hunger for growth increased. She transformed her pain into opportunity to push forward and help serve others. She has written articles that have been featured in numerous publications, appeared as a guest on multiple podcasts, and is a published author. She has been investing in real estate since her early twenties. She believes in the power of community and collaboration, and is passionate about helping women elevate and expand. In 2021, she launched her women’s empowerment brand Elle Potential.

Caitlin Duffy

Mortgage Lender, Military Veteran

As a woman in the mortgage industry, I have made it my goal to empower other women to be entrepreneurs and join fields that are typically higher percentage of men. I host training seminars motivational speeches and impact workshops.

I am a army veteran with three tours for OIF. I help veterans transition from military to civilian world, I teach classes on how the VA home loan works, credit counseling, résumé building and entrepreneurship.

I specialize in VA loans and I coach mortgage lenders throughout the country on sales training and organization and systems.

My belief that keeps me driven is that if I lift up everybody around me, we will all go further than individual.

Caitlyn Bom


I work with over 350 women a year, not just photographing them but unlocking pieces of them they may not know existed. I give them a safe space to spread their wings and step into their own power. Each woman experiences the space differently and most come out on the other side with comments like “I didn’t know this was possible”, “I am so happy this version of me exists” or “I can unapologetically be authentic, and there’s proof in those portraits”. I want every woman to reach inside herself and feel how powerful she is, how much impact she can make on this world, my tool of choice just happens to be a camera.

Cari Higham

CEO, Author, Speaker

Cari Higham is a best selling author, speaker and Influence Marketing Strategist.

Her entrepreneurial journey began when her husband was forced out of the dental field due to technology advancements.

After she lost everything, she and her family moved into her parent’s basement where she struggled to build her business offline for over 2 years.

Then in 2016 she discovered a “”Branded Influence”” strategy to grow online using Social Media and the results shot her to the status of top producer. Since then, she’s built several 6 & 7-figure businesses from the ground up.

Cari is passionate about inspiring entrepreneurs and equipping them with the tools and strategies necessary to build a wildly successful business that they love… Without sacrificing time and relationships with those that matter to them most.

She co-owns and is the Head Visionary of a private coaching company called Beach Boss Influencers where they teach online entrepreneurs how to leverage automated systems and processes to make more money while working less.

Cari lives in Utah with her husband Whit and their 3 children.

Carrie Charles


Carrie Charles is the CEO of Broadstaff – a national staffing firm specializing in technology and telecommunications workforce solutions.

Carrie is a thought leader on workforce development, diversity, women in tech, and is a frequent keynote speaker at national industry conferences. She is a telecom industry influencer and the host of the 5G Talent Talk podcast with a loyal audience of 100k+. The podcast ranks in the top three 5G podcasts globally.

Under Carrie’s leadership, Broadstaff has grown tremendously, reaching new heights and consistently breaking previous records. In 2020 and 2021, Broadstaff placed on Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 — the magazine’s annual feature of America’s fastest growing private companies. In 2019 and 2020, Broadstaff was listed on Tampa Bay Business Journal’s FAST 50 as one of the fastest growing companies in Tampa Bay. Broadstaff exceeded revenue goals in 2021, finishing at $12 million after only 5 years in business. The company is expected to hit 40 million in 2022 with over 500 employees.

Carrie Charles was an honoree for the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s 2019 Businesswoman of the Year, and was named Tampa Bay Business and Wealth Magazine’s CEO of the Year in Tampa Bay 2021.

In addition to her role as CEO of Broadstaff, Carrie sits on the Board of Directors of Cable Runner International, NEDAS Technology Association, and serves as a board member of Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum. As the mother of a childhood cancer survivor, Carrie aligned her personal mission with her role on the Board of Directors of the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Carrie has a diverse background as a lifelong entrepreneur, Certified Financial, Planner, Master Certified Life Coach and a United States Marine Corps veteran. For over 30 years, Carrie has helped thousands of individuals grow personally and professionally. She has helped companies including General Dynamics, Hewlett Packard and Eli Lilly attract, retain, and develop their employees. She has been a featured expert on NBC, HSN, Clear Channel networks, Thrive Global and various tech publications.

Carrie’s experience as a life coach has been instrumental in creating the Broadstaff company culture. The people-first culture includes ongoing training and development, promotions from within, leaders as trained coaches, life design classes, performance coaching, hybrid and flexible work schedule, unlimited PTO, 90% diverse workforce, daily empowerment and inspiration, and an employee engagement strategy that helps in-office and remote employees thrive.

The obstacles Carrie has faced in her personal life drive her to help people break barriers and achieve success in all areas of life – career, relationships, financial, fitness, spirituality and beyond. Carrie knows the value of people, as she has experienced the tragic loss of loved ones – her mother, father, both sisters, stepfather, all grandparents, uncles, cousins…four to suicide. She again came face-to-face with the value of life and people when her son was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 11 – a battle he won. She comes from humble beginnings of her mobile home park, helping her single mother clean houses in order to make ends meet, and dropping out of college in her first year to join the Marine Corps.

Carrie is passionate about helping people see what is possible – no matter the circumstances or past experiences.

Her tenacity as a leader is unmatched, and serves as an inspiration to all she meets. Carrie wholly embodies the verse, “Walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7), and lives by the mantra that there is no plan B — failure is not an option, as there is always a way to make it work, and she will find it. Consistently, Carrie thinks big and then thinks bigger, setting aspirational goals and doubling them. For Carrie, taking risks is not only important to personal and professional growth, but it is crucial to success.

Chelsea Brosterhous

Agency Owner, Serial Entrepreneur

Since 2017 I have been building businesses of my own, and helping others scale theirs through social media coaching, consulting, and social media content creation/advertising. I frequently have found myself going above and beyond the normal agency scope of practice to make sure my clients succeed. I charge them half the price of most boutique agencies because I care about their success, and know how expensive it is to start a business. I have maintained a part-time job at a local hospital to help pay my bills to assure I can charge lower prices to impact, influence, and change as many lives as possible. I love meeting entrepreneurs, learning about their journey’s, and being apart of their success story!

Cheryl Brown Merriwether

Co-founder, Vice President, Executive Director

Addiction is the universal plague of the 21st century. Everyone knows someone personally or professionally who struggles. 21 million Americans have at least one addiction, yet only 10% receive treatment. Covid-19 kicked addiction into overdrive with 100,000+ drug overdose deaths reported in the U.S in 2021, up 28.5% from 2020 (Center for Disease Control & Prevention).

A woman of influence, Cheryl Brown Merriwether is mitigating addiction in our society, workplace and at home through her leadership role at the International Center for Addiction and Recovery Education™ (ICARE). As CoFounder, Vice President and Executive Director of ICARE, Cheryl directs the administration, operations, and student support services for ICARE’s three divisions, Strategic Sobriety Workforce Solutions™, International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC) and NET Institute. Since 2010, Cheryl has been designing training programs for addiction recovery coaches worldwide. To date, ICARE has trained 1,600+ life and recovery coaches from 39 nations.

Cheryl grew up with an alcoholic parent and watched her brother struggle and die from alcohol-related issues. For two decades, she was married to someone whose untreated behavioral addiction contributed to their divorce and jeopardized the family’s stability and well-being. Throughout that time she had never known anyone recovering from addiction. After graduate school Cheryl met a counselor/mentor. Cheryl stopped trying to fix others and embarked on her own recovery journey from co-dependency. The work she does for ICARE allows her to combine her addiction and recovery-related life experiences, education, training, and professional accomplishments to help others find their way to wholeness, healing, and recovery.

Cheryl is a highly sought-after writer and speaker for industry publications and conferences on topics such as “How to Annihilate Stigma around Workplace Addiction” and “Substance Misuse as a DEI Issue.” Her voice is having a profound impact by increasing awareness and decreasing the stigma surrounding this chronic, progressive disease. Breaking this sickness of silence enables those who struggle to move beyond their fear and shame, have safe conversations and get the help they need to achieve sobriety and live their best lives.

Cheryl is a true servant leader who possesses a genuine love and compassion for helping others. She brings two decades of experience in corporate HR management at AT&T to her pioneering role at ICARE. In 2020 Cheryl was elected the current two term President for the Greater Orlando Society of Human Resource Management (GOSHRM). She is also a former adjunct faculty member at the University of Phoenix and Strayer Universities where she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in management and HR.

Cheryl is a recent Fellow graduate of the Rally Social Enterprise Accelerator 2022 Winter program. The Rally experience provides mentorship, 1:1 coaching and resources to social entrepreneurs looking to create positive social change.

Happily married, Cheryl is a devoted grandmother and powerful mentor and role model to her three children. A strong, confident woman of faith, she has broken many barriers. God is Cheryl’s key Influencer. She begins each day with a devotional and ultimate trust in God with every outcome.

Chloé Zhao

Director, Screenwriter, Producer

Chloé Zhao seized the world’s attention with her 2017 film The Rider, a sparse and stunning portrait of a struggling Native American family in South Dakota. And she did so again with Nomadland, for which she became the first Asian woman to win an Oscar for Best Director. With a compassionate eye, she deftly weaves together narrative and documentary in a way that captures the spirit of the characters’ inner selves, allowing us to see into their lives and truly understand them. Even her heartbreakingly beautiful objective shots are a reflection of the mind—deeply sad, yet incredibly kind. Zhao is a true gem of an artist. Her study of human beings searching for their place in the world is uniquely compelling. In a world of divisiveness, her vision is something precious.

Codie Sanchez


Austin-based Codie Sanchez was earning six figures on Wall Street when she worked for firms like Goldman Sachs, State Street and First Trust. After burning out on the Wall St lifestyle, she quit and decided to pursue serial entrepreneurship and investing by acquiring what she calls “boring businesses”– ordinary, simple businesses like car washes, laundromats, vending machines, etc that have wildly profitable cashflow. The opposite of the tech startups and crypto launches that most millennials are chasing.

By age 35, Codie had built her own $30M portfolio of 25 “boring” businesses that produce eight figures in revenue for her.

Along the way, she documented the journey which led to amassing more than 800K followers on TikTok and 200K on Instagram.

This led to her launching Contrarian Thinking, a newsletter and education platform where she teaches others how to buy companies, invest and achieve financial independence. Contrarian Thinking quickly grew to more than 110K subscribers, outpacing industry leaders like Morning Brew and making it the fastest growing media company in her vertical.

Colleen Basinski

CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach, Realtor

Colleen Basinski is an entrepreneur and business owner. She is the owner and operating principle of 3 Real Estate companies spanning 5 locations, a Transaction Management Company, a Coaching & Consulting business, Rental properties, an Escrow Company and a Multi-State Title company, as well as several other ventures. Her passion for success through others and creating wealth opportunities for the leaders and team members she is in business with is the driving force behind her. With an emphasis on creating opportunities for single mothers and young families, she remembers what it is like having been a homeless young single mom with a small infant before getting into real estate. She found real estate as an opportunity to change the future for her and her four children, including one on the autism spectrum. She is driven to continue to pay that forward.

Colleen has been a licensed broker for over eighteen years, and a managing broker in multiple states (IL, IN, & FL), a Coach and consultant for the last twelve years, as well as a licensed Real Estate instructor. Having been a MAPS Leadership Coach, Colleen coached Leadership in Keller Williams Market Centers and Regional Directors throughout the United States and Worldwide. She served on the board of directors, government affairs committees, professional standards committees, and professional development committees for her local and state Realtor Associations.

Colleen is passionate about empowering agents as business owners and supporting them in achieving their personal and financial goals. Two of her most recent projects which have her heart and energy, are the Wealth Building Networking & Events company she created, Upward Network, hosting events & speakers, intended to impact lives, teach creating generational wealth and helping to build future legacies, and EmpowHer, a networking group geared specifically toward women focused on accomplishing balance in business and life, to have a group of peers to lean on, share stories of work life equilibrium, achievement and self-empowerment. This has become even more important for her after the passing of her daughter and taking on the role of raising her young son, Colleen’s grandson.

What others say about Colleen:
“I have known and worked closely with Colleen for a long time. She’s a rare blend of unapologetic drive and grit and unwavering kindness and support. She’s not only a supporter of women she’s an advocate and will work hard to take a stand for women around her. And it’s not just helping women get into professional opportunities it’s mentoring them and patiently guiding them once they are there, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen that quality to that level before.” ~ Kelley Clute

“Colleen’s ability to create opportunities for the people around her not only showcases her strong business sense but her enormous heart. Colleen brings a refreshing combination of heart and grit to everything thing she does.” ~ Snow Miller

“Colleen is the embodiment of a successful woman. She has touched and influenced SO many women’s lives and opened up opportunities for women and moms in the real estate world. Never wavering on her support and guidance on how to navigate it all, motherhood, business ownership, leadership and doing it all with a loving heart. I wouldn’t be where I am at in my career if it weren’t for Colleen and more importantly, she played an instrumental part in changing the trajectory of mine and my family’s lives, especially my autistic daughter’s future.” ~ Valerie Shalati

“As a woman who had to figure life out as a single mom, Colleen turned her situation into something not just motivational and also an ever-changing journey of growth and empowerment of those whom she leads through grit, grace, gratitude, and perseverance into a budding empire. Colleen has inspired men and women of diverse backgrounds to see beyond their own limiting beliefs and into a vision of self-growth and becoming servant leaders to those they serve.” ~ David Rosales

Coral Mujaes

CEO, Author

Hi guys, here’s why I’m a woman of influence. I went from hardcore bulimic to bodybuilding champion. From alcoholic and broke to building a seven figure online business helping woman all over the world reclaim their power, take control of Their lives and achieve their most ambitious goals in life. I have two books with Penguin Random House, and a third one on the way. I also sponsor athletes to help them pursue their dreams.

Cynthia McKenna

Real Estate Agent, Team Leader

In a male owner dominated industry, my mother, Cynthia McKenna, sought out a better option for Realtors on Long Island. She stepped out of her comfort zone to open a more agent centeric brokerage in a market where she was told it would never work. Within a few short years, Her office was highly successful, one of the top performing in the County and had over 120 agents. Forever forward thinking brought her to eXp Realty. When told virtual real estate wasn’t ever going to fly in our market, she said watch me, and was the first eXp agent here. She hasn’t been afraid to step into the mix and has been a leader to hundreds of agents in our region over her 23 year career.

Not only is my mother a powerhouse in biz, but she raised 5 kids AND built an empire. My mom also dedicates an immense amount of time, energy and money into many local charities, including serving on board of directors. Her efforts have helped to combat homelessness and aid people in serious times of need. She’s selfless and puts her everything into everything she touches. She leads by example.

Danielle Amos

Success Coach, Mentor, Influencer, Speaker

Danielle Amos is one of Bob Proctor’s top consultants, she has earned the Gold Pin Circle of Excellence (only 7 people in the company currently hold this pin) and is on her way to diamond. She earned Inner Circle status consecutively for the last twelve qualifying periods. She has been quoted by some of the team at Proctor Gallagher Institute as the “self image queen”. She is known for transforming her own image to create success and shows others how to do the same to gain more confidence and become more effective at sales and leadership.

Danielle is recognized by her clients as having the perfect balance of left and right brain thinking. Her science background gives her the ability to teach the Universal Laws from a scientist’s perspective, as well, she has an impressive background in spiritual training, which allows Danielle to bring an intuitive and more creative approach to the boardroom. This has been extremely effective when working with sales and executive teams. She has been responsible for increasing sales for teams, companies and departments by 300-500%. She is a mentor to coaches that earn millions and it is normal for Danielle’s clients to turn their annual income into their monthly income in a relatively short period of time all by teaching them about how the mind works.

Danielle is a woman of influence because she teaches women how to get unstuck, stop settling, and live the lives of their dreams. Danielle has inspired and coached many women to success.

Dawn Conciatori

Vice President

Dawn Conciatori is a leader who knows how to turn vision into reality. She’s also a leader who knows you can’t reach great heights without a great team. As Vice President, Referral Generation at eXp Realty, the fastest-growing global residential real estate company and a subsidiary of eXp World Holdings, Inc., Dawn is responsible for leading eXp’s Relocation, REO, and Affinity teams, building long-term strategic relationships and identifying opportunities for continuous business development. With over two decades of demonstrated success in the relocation industry, Dawn joined eXp Realty and created their Relocation, REO, and Affinity programs from scratch. In just under a year, she has established these programs, put processes in place that draw in an increasing amount of referrals week after week, and grown a team of twelve that she inspires daily. The incredible growth Dawn has been able to drive in a year alone has been exciting to witness — and it’s only the beginning.

Under Dawn’s leadership, eXp’s Relocation, REO, and Affinity programs became financially one of the highest-earning company divisions in 2021, obtained contracts from many top clients, and continue to expand exponentially while gaining industry recognition. Even after establishing successful businesses that contribute to the overall sky-rocketing growth of eXp Realty, Dawn continues to discover new ways to advance the productivity and profitability that her team can generate. Additionally, Dawn is a valued member, speaker, and presenter within the Worldwide ERC community, the leading industry organization for mobility professionals.

Dawn’s always looking ahead; She does not limit the possibility of her goals. Humble, patient, and determined, Dawn has a knack for unifying her team towards a common goal. Eyes set on her vision, she knows how to uplift, motivate, and support her team to accomplish new heights. That is the magic that makes the seemingly impossible, possible. She is truly part of the team, shows her appreciation often, builds respect, and always has your back. Dawn’s genuine dedication to her team and commitment to her work naturally lends itself to forming strong business relationships that last and make you want to work with her time and again.

Deanna Dopslaf

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach, Speaker, CEO

Deanna was raised by a strong and loving Army officer and was taught “service above self”. And growing up as an Army Brat and she has been passionately in the service of others since HS which has continued to this day. In high school, Deanna founded a chapter of Students Against Drunk Drivers and help found the local Episcopal church with her family. She went on to serve as a congressional staffer for 4 years while at George Washington University and earning her degree in Public Affairs. At George Washington Deanna was elected sorority president, then chosen by the national chapter to be a chapter advisor and went on to serve as a Province Director of Chapters for Southern Ohio.

Just after 2000, Deanna met her husband Eric, an officer in the USAF, and followed him to Japan with their four children. While in Japan, she served on the Officer Spouses Club Leadership Committee and was selected as a Key Spouse by command. In addition, she taught English at Japanese High schools, served on the Boy Scout District Leadership Council ultimately earning the Order of the Arrow as a woman.

Once she arrived back in the US to Albuquerque NM in 2006, she continued to serve as a Key Spouse, on Boy Scouts District Leadership Council and Base Spouses Club Leadership Committee. In 2007 Deanna earned her Real Estate license where she quickly made an impact on the community and her peers. She became a sought-after resource for her ability to help many of her clients successful navigate the foreclosure crisis becoming a certified National Short Sale coach and negotiator, resulting in being awarded, by her peers, the coveted Mark Morland Award.

Over the past several years, she continues to serve in many leadership roles within the real estate industry, is a national coach, mentor, and speaker. She gives back to her community as an elected zoning commissioner for the Paradise Hills Special Zoning District and a key volunteer and corporate sponsor for a local non-profit, Paws and Strips, which helps PTSD and TBI veterans be paired with service dogs at no cost to the veteran.

In early 2022 Deanna stepped in to relaunch the eXp Military Network. She saw a need to bring recognition to those who have served the various countries represented at eXp. The men, women and their families made significant sacrifices to secure the financial, professional, and personal freedoms we all enjoy. The mission of this organization is to develop a supportive community for the large number of military, former military and military spouses transitioning to the civilian world through real estate careers. The eXpMilNet provides community, transition assistance, professional training, and mentorship. In the future, they will help connect members to the resources related to PTSD, Suicide Awareness, Veterans Benefits, spouse career enrichment and more. With her dedicated leadership team, the military community in eXp will continue to strive and bring their talents to the company.

Deanna’s vision and drive continue to exemplify “service above self” as she helps others to become the best they can be through her continued contributions of time, talent, mentorship, and coaching.

Debbie Biery

Entrepreneur, Coach, Expansion Ambassador, Social Media Marketing Consultant, Former National Education Director for eXp Power Girls

Debbie Biery has always been an entrepreneur – from launching a babysitting business at 8 years old to eventually becoming one of the most successful real estate agents in Bellingham, Washington. She joined eXp Realty as Agent No. 260 in 2014 and has helped build eXp Realty into a real estate tech company with more than 80,000 agents across 21 territories. 

She decided to take a chance on a real estate career in 1999 because she loves being around people and has a passion for architecture and home design. A real estate career also allowed her to spend more time with her son, who she adopted that same year. Real estate was challenging at first, but her mindset was, “I’m either going to swim or swim. Sinking was not an option.” In keeping with that mindset, she became one of the most successful real estate agents in the Bellingham area. 

Debbie joined eXp Realty when there were fewer than 300 agents, and later joined the eXp Realty corporate team as a public relations marketing agent known as the eXp Ambassador. She contributed social media management strategies to eXp World Holdings and helped launch the eXp eXpansion tour with eXp World Holdings Founder, Chairman and CEO Glenn Sanford to empower real estate professionals through “Lunch and Learn” presentations in as many states as possible. She also helped establish the eXp Power Girls group, whose goal is to support women at eXp Realty. 

After spending the last eight years creating extraordinary results for eXp Realty, Debbie is working on a rebranding of her personal coaching business to reach a broader audience. She is also creating a podcast focused on personal empowerment and positive psychology. In addition, Debbie has contributed to nonprofit initiatives that have worked toward healthier citizens, businesses and education systems through the promotion of smart decisions and collaboration for a collective impact of the greater good.

Debbie Ronayne

Associate Broker

Debbie started her business career in 1977 at Combine Plastic Products Inc. in Wyandotte Michigan. She quickly rose to become its Vice President and Co-Owner with her husband Mike Washburn. She started the Society for Women in Plastics in 1979 to have a place for women to meet and support each other in a business dominated by men.
Combine Plastic Products was sold in 1986. Debbie and Mike had plans to spend more time with their two young daughters Jacki and Katy.

Mike died unexpectedly shortly after the sale of the business. During that time Debbie stayed home with her daughters and did a lot of volunteer work, additionally she went back to school at Madonna University. She graduated with Honors and received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Professional and Technical Writing and a Minor in business.
While attending College she met a Real Estate Developer and Broker named Lou Ronayne. They married February 24th 1991 and had a 3rd child, a son named Louie.

Debbie started her Real Estate career in 2002. She quickly rose to the top 5% in sales in the Metro Detroit Real Estate Community. Although she has been a multiple Icon Award recipient with eXp Realty, she would tell you her best accomplishment was raising $70,000 to purchase a vehicle for Hearts of Hope International a charity founded by her friends Nancy and Kevin Sell. The charity located in Kenya Africa focuses on teaching women a vocation so that they can be self sufficient. Her 3 children and 12 grandchildren would tell you she is simply the best Mother and Grandmother who always supports them in all of their activities and loves them unconditionally.

Ronayne Associates at eXp Realty consists of Debbie, Lou, son Louie, Sarah, and most recently daughter Katy. It truly has become a family business.

As Her husband, I have watched her give her time and talents unselfishly to countless agents. She is highly respected by her Peers and a pleasure to work with.

Debbie is loved and admired by her family and friends and deserves to be recognized by Success Magazine.

Denise Edinger

Marketing Director, Jr. Partner

Denise was a pharmacist specializing in dietetic support / education for 18 years – while running a horse stable on her property. There supporting training for all ages & levels of horse riding & competition. Along with her high school sweetheart husband with 2 amazing children that are incredibly well behaved & outgoing which is a direct reflection of the time invested as a parent – with nightly reading with the kids both fun topics along with personal development shared with the entire family . Denise transitioned into the field of financial education where she quickly developed an enthusiastic following of both agents & clients who trust & embrace her commitment to excellence in every aspect of her life – her passion it’s very apparent based on results .

Denise is truly a woman of influence with a servant leadership focus on creating a success lifestyle from the results of helping others achieve the results they are looking for . Denise is the natural born go to leader we all look to have in our lives.

Dhomonique Murphy

Founder, CEO, Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

Dhomonique Murphy is a 3x Emmy Award Winning TV Journalist and the #1 Go To Industry Expert on Executive Presence, Storytelling & Getting Featured on TV.

She is also a Woman of Influence, Professional Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author, Master Interviewer, Mrs. Virginia American 2020, and is best known for helping individuals and companies capture attention, reach larger audiences, close more sales and blow up their brands through effective communication, TV media and the fine art of strategic storytelling.

Dhomonique is also a beauty queen titleholder. She was named “Most Photogenic” at Mrs. America(n) 2021 and was crowned Mrs. Virginia American 2020. Dhomonique has appeared on big stages across the nation from New York to California – and everywhere in between. She has been featured on The Steve Harvey Show,, NBC, HSN, and countless radio, print, and local television platforms. She is also the recipient of a coveted Salute to Excellence Award in 2020 from the National Association of Black Journalists—a nationally recognized award.

Dhomonique is Founder & CEO of The Right Method, a full-service visual production company focused on ‘Telling the World’s Stories the RIGHT Way.” The company specialized in Storytelling, Messaging, Marketing and Design. Dhomonique and her team are all award-winning storytellers, trusted by some of the world’s most recognizable names and brands. With a dedicated staff and a large network of Emmy award-winning directors, cinematographers, editors, designers, marketers and developers, Dhomonique and her team consistently deliver high-end work that gets noticed.

Dhomonique is the Founder and CEO of Dhomonique Murphy Productions, a boutique consulting company that works with a very select number of clients each year to help them explode their brands.

You may have seen Dhomonique on stages not only speaking, but being trusted to emcee some of the nation’s largest events, in fact, she is now the official face of Secret Knock for Women. Dhomonique has an extensive network and has been endorsed by or been invited into the homes of the greatest thought-leaders of our time including Billionaire Naveen Jain, Founder of E! Entertainment Larry Namer, Success Enterprises and eXp President, Don Hobbs, ABC’s Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, Constant Contact Founder Alec Stern, Famed Author and Hollywood Walk of Fame Star – Greg Reid, New York Times Best Selling Author Sharon Lechter, co-founder of Jeff Hoffman, famed motivational speaker Brian Tracy, Founder of Ugg Boots, Brain Smith, Actor Tom Arnold, Creator of Pictionary Rob Angel, Billionaire Mitzi Perdue of Perdue Farms, and so many others. Dhomonique is credited with securing some of the hardest interviews to crack and can get anyone to open up about anything; it’s her superpower.

Dhomonique is also Founder & President of Media Mastery Now; America’s Premiere Media Training Agency where she helps individuals and companies leverage the power of story and TV media to build their brands and businesses in a very short period of time. Media Mastery Now also has a division focused on law enforcement agencies; helping them improve in four key areas which meet ICAP standards: risk management, critical incident response, community relations, and presentation.

Dhomonique is a bestselling author of RESET: Attitude is Everything, and RESET 2.

Dhomonique’s proudest accomplishment, however, is being a wife and mother. She and her husband, Frank, have been married since 2016 and have two sons, Christian and Christopher.

Elda Sinani

Government Administrator, Women Empowerment Advocate, Author, Coach

Dr. Elda Sinani, LL.M. is a transformational leader who elevates organizations through process improvement, building a culture of trust, and aligning technology with business objectives with 20+ years’ extensive experience developing and directing successful business models, teams and functions that facilitate operational efficiencies and positive culture. She has demonstrated success leading functions across the enterprise with capability to transform and effectively restructure and organize departments to improve organizations.

Elda is adept at analyzing and implementing change management strategies across culture, technology, and people, and has a proven ability to partner cross-functionally to formulate, prioritize, and drive key strategies and initiatives. Effectively utilizes technology to increase efficiencies and maximize growth opportunities.

Elda portrays an authentic and servant leadership style that nurtures an inclusive climate and generates trust, loyalty, respect, and results. She has attended worldwide conferences, and spoken at well-known institutions such as Yale, Trinity College and Harvard University on subjects of Negotiation, Leadership Development, Public Policy, Arbitration and Conflict Resolution. She is also the author of several reports and articles on human rights, public policy, leadership development, and immigration issues.

Some of Elda’s career highlights include:

  • Name added to Wall of Tolerance in Montgomery, AL and awarded Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of writings and support against hatred and intolerance in America.
  • First woman in 200+ year’s history to lead the Licenses, Building Permits & Inspection Department.
  • Current faculty member at Trinity College, teaching graduate level courses on budget management, leadership development, and public policy analysis.
  • Elda is an immigrant woman who came in United States 20 years ago.
  • Elda is very proud of her Albanian heritage and organized City of Hartford and State of Connecticut first official Albanian Independence Day on November 28, 2007.
  • Elda in addition to her law degree from Albania, she holds a Law Degree from University of Connecticut, School of Law, and Doctorate in Law and Public Policy from Northeastern University.

Elizabeth Riley

eXp Realty ICON Agent, Founder, Co-Founder

With a marketing degree and a background in tech recruiting, Elizabeth Riley began her real estate career in Atlanta 17 years ago. She later relocated to Austin, Texas, and has gone on to become a locally and nationally recognized leader and speaker in production and community commitment. 

An entrepreneur by nature, she was one of the pioneers who joined eXp Realty in May 2015 and has racked up record sales, including consistently achieving top 50 Platinum status in Austin, the only agent in eXp Realty to have achieved the prestigious ICON Agent status for seven straight years and being the top-producing individual agent for all of eXp in 2016 and 2017. In 2021, individually she closed on 70 transactions for a total of $35 million in sales.

In addition to negotiating deals, Elizabeth is an investor in the Austin real estate market and spends a great deal of time educating fellow eXp agents on topics that span the entire real estate industry. She collaborates, speaks on panels and has served on eXp’s Agent Advisory Council, which ensures that the voice of the real estate agent is heard at the highest levels of the company, and truly aims to lift others as she climbs.  

Elizabeth is also an HGTV House Hunters Agent, a Forbes Magazine Real Estate Market Leader for 2020 and serves in an advisory capacity for a number of companies that span everything from tech to lending to non-profit, but her heart to serve comes from growing up in a foster family that was ‘home’ to more than 140 foster children over 20 years and she is most proud to serve as an Advisory Board member for Partnerships for Children, which supports and empowers children, youth, and families involved with Child Protective Services.

Ellie Shefi

Civil Rights Attorney, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Strategist, TV/Podcast Host, Consultant, Mentor, Philanthropist

“Ellie is a transformational leader who is changing the world!” ~ Jack Canfield

Ellie Shefi is the very definition of tenacious. Having overcome a lifetime of adversity, including abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, cancer, and a myriad of other health issues that have seen her defy the doctors’ death deadlines for over two decades, Ellie has mastered mindset, resiliency, and resourcefulness, and she has dedicated her life to the empowerment of others.

Ellie is a civil rights attorney, entrepreneur, #1 international best-selling and award-winning author and publisher, speaker, strategist, media host, consultant, coach, and philanthropist, who provides her clients with practical, easy-to-implement tools and strategies that generate results. Host of the Free by Design™ television show and You Are Not Your Scars™ podcast, she is regularly interviewed in publications and on others’ podcasts and television shows, including NBC, ABC, CBS, the New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo News, the LA Tribune, and TED Ed, to name a few.

A heart-centered, impact-driven leader who facilitates change, Ellie helps entrepreneurs to bring their business to life; authors to get their book out of their head and into the world; and speakers to amplify their message so they can scale their impact. Her signature programs—Free by Design™ and You Are Not Your Scars™—empower participants to claim internal freedom and create a joyful, abundant life they love.

Additionally, Ellie is the founder of Made to Change the World Publishing and is the publisher of Sisters Rising™, a book series that provides women with a platform to tell their stories, showcase their businesses, and raise awareness of their work. She is also the founder of the Made 2 Change The World™ Foundation (, a nonprofit organization that equips and empowers the next generation with the tools, resources, and strategies they need to create the lives, communities, and world they envision.

Ellie is a member of the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors and has received a Quilly Award for her literary work. A #1 international best-selling and award-winning author, Ellie’s books include: Unlocking Your Superpower: 8 Steps to Turn Your Existing Knowledge into Income; Sisters Rising: Stories of Remarkable Women Living Extraordinary Lives; The Authorities: Powerful Wisdom from Leaders in the Field (which she co-authored with multiple New York Times #1 best-selling authors Les Brown, Bob Proctor, and Marci Shimoff); Women Who Shine (which she co-authored with multiple #1 international best-selling authors); and SuccessOnomics (which she co-authored with multiple New York Times #1 best-selling author Jack Canfield).

Evva Fenison

CEO, Founder, Author

Raised on Prince Edward Island in Canada, global entrepreneur Evva Fenison was instilled with the values of hard work, kindness and strength which has been a theme throughout her life and has helped feed her ambitious spirit.  A gifted speaker and influential thought leader, Evva honed her marketing and sales skills, manifesting various business opportunities which further promoted her professional success. Evva founded “Evvro International”, cultivating the company over the course of 24 years before a successful exit, and later along with her former husband, “PURE Financial Advisors” which was named one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc. Magazine.

While a triumphant battle with breast cancer in 2010 proved that Evva’s strength could help her persevere through any challenge, it also inspired a drastic change in lifestyle that was less stressful and more peace oriented.  Keeping her adventurous nature intact, philanthropy, travel, motivational endeavors and creating “ForEvva Experiences” became her focus.

Ventures such as co-authoring National bestseller “Footsteps of the Fearless”, being featured on the Bravo TV Network show “Below Deck Mediterranean”, supporting countless charities, being invited to dine with Prince Albert, Prince Harry and Prince Edward, and aspiring to leave a legacy of growth and inspiration for her family and humanity are just a few examples of Evva’s recent accomplishments.  The realization that the dynamics of true worth are found within the heart and the showing of love and kindness has become her mantra.

Evva is currently writing her autobiography of an extraordinary life, with a passion to offer guidance and encouragement to young women seeking to be self reliant entrepreneurs.

Faith Abraham

Author, Entrepreneur, Activist, Philanthropist

Faith is an author, entrepreneur, animal activist, academic and philanthropist. At four years old, she has accomplished much. She is the self-published author of Superhero Faith, and her second book, Doctor Faith, will be out in Fall 2022. She believes every animal needs love and their forever home and uses social media to spread awareness.

As a philanthropist, she fundraises and spreads awareness to organizations close to her. The Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, and the Jean Augustine Center are some of the many fundraising organizations she and her company Faith and Sparkle’s World contribute.

As an academic, she believes every child has a right to learn how to read, write and understand mathematics. She works diligently with her tutors at Kumon and has won national silver medals for reading and mathematics.

Faith’s love for humanity and her willingness to help heal the world is an example to us all.

Felicity Harden

Entrepreneur, Mentor, ICON Agent, Philanthropist, Co-founder

Felicity is a top performing Realtor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She co-founded an independent Real Estate Brokerage in late 2019 and built the business from the ground up during the height of the pandemic. From a standing start, Felicity closed over $30 million of real estate sales in her first 9 months and now runs a 7-figure business. She performs in the top 1% of Sole Agents in Australia. Felicity has been featured in highly regarded publications such as Australia’s Elite Agent Magazine. In the 2 years since eXp expanded Globally, Felicity has become the first eXp Global Double ICON Agent.

Driven by the lack of available training and support for women and entrepreneurial agents who want to run their own flexible businesses, Felicity co-created the Winning Agent Success Program. A roadmap for agents to build their brand independently and give themselves the freedom to achieve their desired level of success. Designed to empower everyone from top performers to returning to work mothers by ensuring access to the training and support needed to build their business to suit their goals and lifestyle, with a particular focus on building businesses in the modern environment with minimal start-up capital to break through glass ceilings in the industry. Felicity believes the best way to ensure continued success is collaboration and support. So, she co-founded One Great Force, a collaborative community of agents helping and supporting other agents.

An influential thought leader, Felicity has become a leading Australian female real estate mentor. Speaking on the world stage and training over 40,000 agents internationally alongside speakers like Eric Thomas, Matt Steinwade, Glenn Twiddle and Adrian Bo. She is a member of the eXp Australia Agents Panel, representing the agent’s voice. She is also a staunch advocate of mental health. Being a Successful Woman, Business Owner and Agent, working in highly emotive and stressful situations she has personally experienced burnout and mental health challenges. She encourages open discussions, sharing her own struggles and helping others to overcome theirs and reach success. Felicity inspires and supports women from all walks of life to follow their own path, to define and create their own success.

Felicity became an entrepreneur at 11, caring for horses. She created a successful agistment business, saved hard and helped to pay the family bills. This led to her rescuing and rehoming ex-racehorses. Felicity’s philanthropy extends to numerous local and national charities. Her passion for property was found when at just 21 she began flipping homes. Like most successful women, Felicity has been knocked down time and again both in her personal and professional lives but believes, “it’s not how many times you get knocked down that count, it’s how many times you get back up”. She has a host of accolades to her name including young Agent Nominations, being the youngest sales manager in a multinational company and entrepreneurial recognition but she maintains that her biggest accolades lie in her ability to affect positive change in the lives of those around her.

Fran Harper


Having been in business for over 35 years, running the same business that was established in 1988, established a Global business in the Food industry from scratch, supplying the Middle East, Australia NZ, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, France, Spain , Iceland.

This business has pivoted during Covid and continues to grow in the UK and overseas. A family business with a beautiful history.

I trained 5 years ago as a Master Trainer in NLP, TLT and Hypnosis, established the The Institute of Empowered Psychology and now Train, certify and support coaches to sustainable $10k months – Creating world class coaches who achieve more!

A mother of 5 accomplished Kids, now looking forward to the next stage in the online space, training coaches , keynote speaking and intentionally inspiring unfulfilled women all over the world to be unstoppable too, to create the future they want and the confidence to not settle for anything less!

Frances Avrett

Business Owner, Executive Committee Of Women In Primerica

Frances recognized in the early years that women were new to finance and it was a boy’s club. In 1997 she promoted and established Women in Primerica which motivates and promotes women in their business within the Primerica model. In the early years it was difficult to find women making $30k. Today Primerica has in excess of 5+ women making over $1 million a year and many making below this.

Galit Ventura-Rozen

CEO, Speaker, Corporate Trainer

As an entrepreneur, business mentor, speaker, and philanthropist, Galit is passionate about empowering women to succeed through her one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring, speaking engagements and workshops. Women are changing the world and the way we do business. She genuinely believes that if you do something you are passionate about then you will succeed.

As a globally recognized public speaker and award-winning entrepreneur, Galit Ventura-Rozen understands that to be a person of influence is meaningless – unless the recognition is used as a means of helping others.

Her journey into entrepreneurship began at twenty-one, when fresh out of college with a degree in Business Administration from UNLV, Galit boldly stepped into the male dominated world of commercial real estate. When she married and started a family a few years later, the added responsibilities only further fueled her passion for having it all.

As a commercial real estate broker, Galit owns and operates Commercial Professionals, where she has sold over $700 million in commercial property in Las Vegas over the past 25+ years. After enjoying a very lucrative career as a real estate expert, she began to experience sleepless nights with racing thoughts. As a then working mother of three, Galit wanted to help women, and so returned to college at the age of 38. In 2016, she earned a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northcentral University and graduated with honors.

From there, Galit began a one-woman mission to empower, inspire and motivate others to believe in themselves. Whether by using lessons from her book, The Successful Woman’s Mindset, offering innovative strategies for HR as a corporate trainer, or raising the productivity of others as an business coach – her passion and energy are almost palpable. What sets Galit shoulders above the rest is her unwavering belief in others, and her insistence that the possibilities at success are limitless when we get out of your own way.

Helen Cummings-Henry

Senior Vice President

Helen Cummings-Henry is the co-founder and Senior Vice President of Righteous Uplifting Nourishing International, Inc., a global nonprofit organization whose message is to change lives one soul at a time by adding value and showing people how to access the gift(s) that they have deep inside.

As a single parent she raised two boys into two fine men both working for two well-known corporations.
Helen is an authorprenuer and has written three books, the latest, Transforming Lives: A Three Step Guide In Becoming A Better You, led her to create Transforming Lives, an on-line podcast where guests share their personal stories about how their lives were transformed.

She founded “Women on the R.U.N. for Jesus” whose core purpose is to minister to the total woman (spirit, soul and body) using biblical principles. Helen is a spiritual mom to women all around the world.

As a playwright, Helen has written and performed in, “This is my Story” (A One Woman Play) which tells the story of Helen’s transformation from a shy girl from, Trinidad and Tobago, into the woman that she has become today.
She is a certified coach, trainer, speaker, and facilitator with Maxwell Leadership. Helen has used these tools to mentor and transform the lives of women in all stages of life and has helped senior women to live their dreams.

Her most recent project is helping single women to find themselves so they can find their mate.

Helen has been honored with many awards, the latest being one of Success Magazine’s 125, along with her husband Tarrent-Arthur Henry.

Helen is a woman of influence because she carries herself with grace and operates in excellence and she does it because she believes that everyone has value and deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Hollie Kitchens

Founder, CEO

Like most success stories, Hollie’s starts with her dealing with a number of challenges starting at a very young age. She grew up one of four children, raised by a single mother in low-income housing in a tiny town called Rush Springs, OK, which as of today, still counts less than 1,500 people as its citizens.

Her father was completely out of the picture, so she and her family relied heavily on clothing provided by The Samaritan House and food and financial support – as much as possible – from the local church since her mother was unemployed and not receiving any child support.

A harmless interaction in first grade sent Hollie on a two-decade journey of doing everything she could to hide from the spotlight as often as possible. As she tells the story, the very first time she had a crush on a boy was in first grade. While playing tag, she remembers thinking; “If I can just get his attention, if I can just get his attention…”

Sure enough, after tagging him, she got his attention. He looked at her and said, “Hollie, why do you wear the same jeans to school every day?” Now, he wasn’t being mean, he was just a curious kid. That day, she remembered feeling mortified because that was the only pair of jeans she had. In her words: “I vowed on that day that I would fly under the radar and lay low, no matter what the situation was”.

In May 2006, she became a mom at the age of 17. While she now looks back at the experience as one of the best things that ever happened to her, it was a scary time as her childhood had already been very challenging and embarrassing. During the several years prior to getting pregnant, she had been a huge troublemaker, living life recklessly and was going down a very destructive path. Being a mom made her realize that she needed to grow up very quickly and transition out of that lifestyle.

In 2010, she got her real estate license and became an agent on Jay Kinder’s home selling team in Lawton, OK. She was excited to be on a successful team that offered her every opportunity to create the life for her and her son that she wasn’t able to experience as a child. What excited her most is that Jay’s huge presence in her market allowed her to continue to hide from anyone she thought could judge her for who she was and where she came from.

Today she acknowledges that her embarrassment at the time held her back and negatively impacted her chances for success early on in her career. Despite her hesitance in growing her brand, the company regularly encouraged Hollie to “get her face” out there so real estate consumers could get to know her and the value she brought to them when buying or selling a home.

Doubtful that she would ever do that, she was, however, excited to hear that the office had purchased a flip video camera for the team members to use to record virtual tours. (Remember, this was back before cell phones had good video cameras). One weekend, she went to a new home construction site and hit record. After some simple editing, she took the video and uploaded it to YouTube. A few days later, she checked comments and noticed the video had over 30,000 views.

Instead of being encouraged and excited, she was scared and nervous. Not only did she delete the video, but also, she deleted her YouTube channel. Her only thought was that she would be getting negative attention. At the same time, she kept asking herself: “Who was watching my video and why would they want to?”.

This experience freaked her out, but it was also the beginning of what has been a stellar career in helping entrepreneurs around the US and Canada establish and build incredible brands for themselves…including herself.

In 2017, she had a revelation that would change the trajectory of her life and the life of thousands of entrepreneurs. You see, Hollie is a huge fan of live music. To capitalize on this passion, she started an online boutique to sell designer concert t-shirts. Realizing that she needed to be different to compete with the Targets and Amazons of the world to sell her shirts, she made the decision to start a blog to connect with a larger audience and create some authority for herself. A regular attendee at the “meet and greets” prior to the concerts, Hollie would often get to ask questions of the artists. After each concert, she would share a review of the event itself as well as the best parts of the interview.

With her audience clamoring for more, Hollie realized she could no longer hide behind her business’ logo. She knew that if she was going to be able to build a business that was going to succeed in today’s video-driven world, she had to stop shying away from the spotlight, embrace who she was and then put herself “out there”. As such, she and a friend started a podcast to do live and recorded interviews of the artists they met while at concerts.

The results she got were so amazing and empowering, she decided she wanted to help others who were just like her – unknown entrepreneurs – that couldn’t and wouldn’t get in front of the camera to build their personal brand. In 2019, she started her Unleash Your Inner Legend podcast. As described on one of the podcast sites, UYIL “…is a podcast with a purpose to inspire entrepreneurs to take action and unleash their inner legend! This podcast features interviews with modern day legends chatting about their choices in life, habits, and routines that got them to live a legendary life”.

In less than 60 episodes, Hollie’s podcast became an internationally charted podcast, regularly consumed by viewers worldwide. As well, the podcast was a springboard to helping establish her as a branding authority. In the last three years, she’s helped more than 1,000 entrepreneurs create and build successful brands and social media strategies to grow their businesses.

Among this large group of satisfied entrepreneurs are a number of eXp agents, including the Honey Badger Group, one of the largest – and fastest growing – revenue share groups within eXp. The group, started and run by Jay Kinder, Albie Stasek and Michael Reese, counts more than 10,000 agents as part of its group and followers on the Honey Badger page on Facebook. Hollie has been an integral part in the growth of, and retention of agents in, the group.

In addition to that, she’s done an amazing job with her own brand, garnering more than 100 million views on GIPHY alone. Plus, she’s a regularly featured contributor on branding and creating authority for Entrepreneur magazine.

Realizing how much she missed out on by hiding from public view, Hollie is on a mission to help those who are just like she was and to stop hiding behind a logo. What drives her even more is an experience she had shortly after her first son was born. Scared and overwhelmed about what the future held, Hollie arrived home with her baby newborn to find baby clothes and diapers on the front porch from complete strangers.

It was from this moment on she realized it was okay to accept help when you needed and even more importantly to pay it forward when you can.

Holly Couture

Owner, Broker Associate

I serve our clients and empower them with knowledge, resources and communication to ultimately create a positive experience. I am dedicated to helping families achieve The American Dream of home ownership. I am a leader in my industry and I give back to my community to create a positive place to live. I am a woman of influence, as my mission is to serve others and create success in my family, friends, and client’s lives through support, knowledge and dedication to making everyone feel as though they are the most important person I know.

Jane Roos

Founder, Artist, Speaker

Jane Roos was a promising track athlete when a devastating car accident ended her athletic career at age 19. Though the accident turned her world upside down, Jane turned this traumatic life lesson into an opportunity to support Canadian athletes on their journey to be the best in the world by starting CAN Fund, a non-profit organization, in 2003. CAN Fund has proudly created a legacy of supporting over 80% of Canadian athletes competing at the Games from 2004 to the most recent 2022 Games in Beijing.

Jane was honored with the Live Olympic Award in 2006. This is an international award given to only 20 people worldwide. At the 36th Canadian Sports Awards in 2009, Jane was the recipient of the Leadership in Sports Award. She was also recognized by WXN as a Top 100 Women in Canada.

In 2017, Jane created CAN Fund #150Women after noticing that most of the CAN Fund donor base was male. As a female founder, she created CAN Fund #150Women with a belief that women paying their success forward can, and will, change how female athletes are funded in the athletic world and give women a platform to celebrate each other’s success. Recognizing that too many women often struggle with feeling worthy enough to receive support, CAN Fund #150Women exists as a catalyst for change.

As women, we are all worthy of reaching our full potential and the reality for the majority of female athletes is that the funding they need to train and compete at their best is traditionally inaccessible to them. There are very few sponsors lining up to support them, instead it is CAN Fund #150Women, a community of women from across Canada, who are backing their talent, lifting them up, and supporting each other.

Since 2017, CAN Fund #150Women has raised $3.1 million, funding 520 female athletes (able-bodied and para) on their journey to compete on the world stage because women coast to coast have donated $150 or more. 3 out of 5 female athletes that apply to CAN Fund #150Women are in debt and, on average, have a negative net annual income. The majority of female athletes rely on CAN Fund #150Women so they can afford equipment, physiotherapy, proper nutrition, coaching, team fees, travel and competition expenses, and more.

CAN Fund #150Women exists as a platform to consistently transform lives and provide opportunity to Canadian female athletes so that they can realize their full potential. The impact of CAN Fund #150Women aligns with its mantra, BE EPIC, providing direct financial support of $6,000 to 80% of the female athletes that competed in Tokyo and 90% of the female athletes that competed in Beijing (able-bodied and para). Jane is a firm believer that that until all of us have made it, none of us have.

Janelle Bruland


Janelle Bruland is a leader of leaders. Most leaders are smart, driven, and visionaries. They often drive forward without regard to people or process; focused on power or money. Janelle has a different approach, she is driven by growing people. She leads by example and grows people directly around her but also globally.

Driven by an insatiable desire to succeed, Janelle grew her commercial facility business from her garage to over 500 team members- all despite being in and forced to a traumatic living situation. Balancing being a single mom of 3 small girls and growing an industry leading company is no small task from nothing.

Janelle led by:
Fairness: Building people and growing leaders with a firm but fair and kind heart enabled her company to grow in a commoditized industry.
Kindness and compassion: We all have baggage or issues in our lives. Janelle recognizes this in others and uses this superpower to openly discuss and help the person lead a better more fruitful life.
Giving: Janelle believes giving your time and money to support those in need is a non-negotiable.
Focus: Focus is another superpower. Her ability to separate personal challenges, joy of parenting, and rigors of growing a business all comes down to ability to focus and be present where she is.
Voice: She speaks everyone listens.
Discipline: Janelle uses her strict calendaring and discipline to get stuff done in less time.

Janelle now uses her voice, written and verbal, to help female entrepreneurs grow and live a balanced life. Men seem to listen too…

Janet Courtney

Owner, CEO

Janet is an amazing Speech Pathologist who, several years before COVID hit, had the foresight to venture out on her own, starting her own full service Virtual Therapy business (Speech, OT, PT, Mental Heath, etc.), called Lighthouse Therapy.

She is more than a pioneer though, she has enormous grit, integrity, and a huge heart of gold! Her business is growing fast and is starting to be noticed by the “giants” in her arena. Though they currently may be larger, I believe in the end, Lighthouse Therapy will reign because of her groundedness, strength of character, and commitment to always doing the right thing for her clients (students), her therapists, her community, and beyond.

Janet has always been philanthropic, and has much greater aspirations for making a larger difference in the world (but you’ll have to talk with her about those plans yourself)! She is someone to watch, someone to cheer, and someone to support!

Janet Tonkins

Founder, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach, Speaker

Janet Tonkins is a Real Estate Investor and Developer, affectionately known in Baltimore, Md. as the ‘‘Baltimore Real Estate Diva,™ because she buys houses like other women buy clothing and shoes. As a Christian striving to treat everyone the way she wants to be treated. She built a name and reputation as the ‘go-to’ person in Baltimore for rental properties because of product excellence and going the extra mile. Her mantra and mission statement is “I won’t give anyone anything I can’t live in myself.” Janet has bought an average of 2-4 houses per month and has over 100 properties in her residential portfolio. Bible Study Teacher, mother of three, grandmother of two, and 35-yearold retiree from Verizon Communications, Janet has successfully bought, sold, rehabbed, and managed over $700 million in single-family houses and multi-unit apartment buildings in Paterson, NJ, Baltimore, MD, Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL.

She teaches classes on ‘How to Build a Rental Property Empire.’ She is also a Coach, ‘Hard Money’ and ‘Private Money Lender,’ a Philanthropist, as well as a consultant and mentor to young men and women in the real estate industry. She and her husband of 41 years were developers and partners in the Baltimore Eastside Redevelopment (Johns Hopkins Hospital area) along with Forest City Development Company (and several other minority partners) where they are part owners of three $110 million dollar biotech labs, a 150-unit apartment building, a parking garage, and have completed the sale of 79 newly built luxury townhomes in the Hopkins area in partnership with Ryan Homes. They are currently in the process of building a 74-unit apartment building ($37 million project) for Grandparents raising grandchildren in their former hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. They are the first Black Americans to build from the ground up in the City of Paterson.

She is also an author -the first book, The Turning Point in collaboration with Jack Canfield is scheduled to be released in September 2022, and the second Book, Pocket Books, Shoes, Houses, You Choose© is scheduled for the end of the year.

She is an Executive Board Member of the Baltimore Real Estate Investment Association, chairwoman, and coordinator of the SAVVY Women’s Investment Meeting, and a member of the Baltimore City HABC Advisory Board.
Janet has written articles for the Baltimore REIA Newsletter, is a frequent speaker at wealth and real-estate symposiums, and has been asked to participate in a real estate study at Johns Hopkins University. She has spoken on NPR radio and featured in the Nationwide Realty/Trac® newsletter. Her journey has truly been one of from poverty to wealth, from rags to riches, not just in finances but in all areas of her life. Janet credits Christ as her CEO for allowing her to become the COO of her life.

In keeping with her Church’s Mission Statement: To Rescue the Children, Redeem the Family and Recreate the Community©

She has not only changed the trajectory of her immediate family lives, but the lives of men, women, boys and girls, tenants, her community and has created other entrepreneurs as well. She has helped the young and the old, married couples, single males and females to acquire rental properties as well as become first time home-owners. She provides scholarships to tenants and church member’s children. A teacher at heart, her mission in life is not only to inspire and motivate girls, boys, men, and women all over the globe but to teach them how to do it!

Her motto is: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!”

She truly believes that She has been blessed to be a blessing to others, and to “whom much is given, much is required”
“Let my Living be not in Vain”

Jean Millicent Williams

Minister, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO

Jean Millicent Williams, Ph.D., is a trailblazer, passionate about transforming lives through the use of her gifts, talents, knowledge, and the wisdom of her experiences. She aspires to serve and leave others better than when she encountered them. Jeans’ leadership prowess allows her to engage situations with “gravitas,” leaving a positive lasting influence on those in her circle of influence. Her hallmark is thinking and reflecting to find meaning in each experience, using those narratives as a platform for growth, leadership, and change. Jean is a visionary, foresightful, and prophetic leader who unapologetically embraces women’s power as a unique strength necessary and expedient for all times.

Jean is a Mom, Minister, Successive Entrepreneur, Founder, and Ceo. She is a wife of 34 years and a mother of seven children that she homeschooled from K-12. All five adult children attended college, earned a degree, or pursued graduate degrees; the youngest two children graduate in May 2022. Jean believes that motherhood is a calling and honors the role of a mompreneur, encouraging and coaching women to embrace motherhood.

Jean earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and Development and Entrepreneurial Leadership from Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA; her published dissertation is titled “Content Analysis: Women of the Bible as a leadership Model for Modern-Day Women. Jean earned a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership Development and Change; her thesis titled Women, Success, and Work-Life Balance: Can Women Really Have it All,” and a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Mercer University, Atlanta, GA.

Jean is the Owner/CEO of Blyouprints Consulting (pronounced blueprints); she is a leadership coach and consultant for women. Jean coaches women to “live their life by design and be the architect of their dreams” ® by working creatively alongside them as they self-actualize their dreams as the “organization of self”®. She teaches women seven pillars of growth; spiritually mature, physically strong, intellectually sharp, emotionally well, mentally sound, relationally healthy, and socially competent as they pursue family, business, and organizational leadership roles.

Additionally, Jean is the Founder and CEO of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Innovation Center in her local county, established in 2015. The chamber provides support, resources, innovation, and engaging business networking opportunities that sustain economic growth and empowerment for women, women-owned businesses, and women in leadership.

Jean, ordained into the ministry in 2000, has 22 years of experience working in church ministry, focusing predominantly on her passion for women’s ministry. She leads several women’s ministries and Bible studies, teaching women to live victoriously in their faith. She is the founder of Covenant Woman’s Ministry, Hinds Feet Women’s Ministry, providing resources for women in crisis, and Woman of God Live, a platform for women in ministry.

Jean is the Owner/Poet/Creative Director of Praiseworthy Affirmations Greeting Cards, Gifts, and Inspirations. She writes and creates greeting cards and affirmations for personal and ministry purposes for encouragement and change.

Authorship, leadership, and women’s ministry podcasts are currently on the horizon for Jean in the very near future.

Jeanette Prenger

Founder, CEO

Jeanette Hernandez Prenger serves as the Founder and CEO of ECCO Select. In this capacity, she leads a highly successful woman and minority-owned business, with more than 500 employees serving clients across North America. ECCO Select is a talent acquisition and consulting company, specializing in providing people, process, and technology solutions.

Jeanette started her career as a software developer in 1983. She was promoted into various management positions during her tenure at notable companies, such as Sprint, TWA, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and Waddell & Reed. Prenger leveraged her experience and talent to found ECCO Select in 1995. She was a consultant through the late 1990s working on modernization projects and continues working with clients to support solutions utilizing her knowledge of the industry, as well her team of subject matter experts. Beginning with a single client, ECCO Select has grown into a leading provider of technology talent for Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies, with offices in Kansas City, MO, Washington, D.C., and St. Louis, MO.

Jeanette advocates for business and economic growth through her leadership and involvement in several organizations. She chairs the national board of The Latino Coalition and serves on national boards for Junior Achievement USA, Boy Scouts of America, Women Impacting Public Policy, and Orphaned Starfish Foundation. In addition, Prenger serves on boards for local causes, including the Kansas City Police Foundation, the Kansas City Convention and Visitors Association (Visit KC), the American Royal, Kansas City Tech Council, and is immediate past chair of the Board of Trustees for Park University. She is also a commissioner for the state of Missouri Tourism Commission.


  • Founded and built a world-class IT consulting, staffing, and services firm with 500+ employees globally. Headquartered in Kansas City, with additional offices in St. Louis and Washington, D.C., ECCO Select was created to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions that have streamlined services and manufacturing processes for Fortune 500 companies in these industry sectors: healthcare, transportation, fintech, utilities, finance, marketing, and the public sector.
  • Grew the public sector division of ECCO Select to compete for prime contracts by successfully emerging from Small Business designation. Prime contracts were won with the Department of Defense (DoD), and multiple agencies within the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).
  • As a board member of Junior Achievement (JA) USA, she chaired the IT Committee. The committee was chartered to assist JA USA with assessments, key technology priorities, analyzing current and emerging technologies, and impacts to the corporate risk profile among other strategic initiatives. Within the first year she assisted in mitigating cyber risks identified in an IT audit. Ongoing reviews of emerging technologies, road maps, and plans for implementation of new technologies to support blended learning as well as a recently adopted revenue model.
  • Chaired the Win-Win Initiative, a key platform of the Central Exchange, which worked to increase women’s representation on boards of directors and executive positions, driving innovation and growth for Kansas City area companies.
  • As a board member with Orphaned Starfish Foundation she assists in supplying broadband, hardware, software, and tutors to over 16,000 children in orphanages in 29 countries.

Jeanette Prenger is more than an accomplished businesswoman, she is a thought leader, change-maker, and trailblazer in the technology and talent space. She is deserving of the title of a Woman of Influence based on her achievements in the professional, political, and nonprofit sectors. Although ECCO Select will continue to stand as a legacy of Jeanette’s success and determination, her contributions as a philanthropist, mother, woman of faith, and role model will enrich communities for generations to come.

Jen Furness

Founder, CEO

Born in South Korea and raised in the US, Jen learned quickly from her mother who immigrated the family here to give us opportunity “for a better life”… that perseverance, grace, and grit are not optional.

Jen worked in corporate healthcare and climbed the ladder of success for nearly 20 years before discovering her entrepreneurial spirit. She was introduced to the network marketing industry through health & wellness in 2012. After just a few short months, she decided to leave corporate healthcare and has been a Network Marketing Professional/Top 10 Businesses in YOLI for the last 10 years. She is also a certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the Maxwell Leadership Team and served on John’s Advisory Council for Network Marketing including his legacy book, The Power of 5 for Network Marketing. Now she is the CEO of her own leadership & coaching company, Genesis Coaching & Consulting Group.

She has been invited as a special guest to share her success story for podcasts: MLM Nation with Simon Chan; Hero Call with (a past SUCCESS magazine cover story), Richard Bliss-Brooke; and Network Marketing Breakthroughs with Rob Sperry. She has been a speaker at the International Mastermind Event for Network Marketing for several years. She also had a highlight in SUCCESS Magazine’s July/August 2021 issue. 😉 Jen’s passion to inspire other men & women to pursue all their God-given gifts and potential is her mission for work & LIFE and she covets an opportunity to share her heart and passion with the SUCCESS Magazine audience!

Jenna Kutcher

CEO, Author, Host of The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher is a born-and-raised Minnesota wife, mother, and entrepreneur who aims for two things daily: helping others wake up to life and staying in comfy pants. Creator and host of the top-rated #1 marketing podcast, The Goal Digger Podcast, she’s helped thousands redefine success and chase bold dreams through her decade-long work as a leading online educator.

In her debut book, How Are You, Really? releasing June 28th, Jenna Kutcher takes everything she’s learned to demystify for readers the steps to take to create their own truly fulfilled lives. It all starts with asking that simple question, and finally getting to an answer.

JoAnn Mitchell

CEO, Founder

JoAnn Mitchell, according to statistics should not have accomplished much in life. She was born into poverty and into an abusive environment. Her parents were teen parents and high school drop outs. Despite these and other obstacles, JoAnn knew she could make a difference in the world…and so she did.

JoAnn Mitchell is the Founder and CEO of Mission Achievement and Success (MAS) Charter School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As a first generation high school graduate and first generation college graduate, JoAnn has overcome significant obstacles and adversity including poverty and a violent household. JoAnn reports that her life was transformed through the power of education, and as a result she now serves as a catalyst for change by providing transformational educational experiences for others. JoAnn has dedicated her life work to serving underserved students and communities through the entrepreneurial experience of creating a charter school model that has not only begun to transform education in New Mexico, but has served to write a different narrative for underserved students and their communities.

JoAnn founded MAS Charter School with the goal of providing equity to underserved students and communities through high quality education designed to prepare first generation students to graduate high school and attend college. JoAnn founded MAS Charter School in 2012, serving at the time, only 100 students in grades 6-7 with a goal of scaling up to serve students in grades 6-12. Today, ten years later, JoAnn’s vision has significantly expanded. MAS Charter School now serves over 2,000 students in grades PreK-12 and is the first charter school is the State of New Mexico to replicate. MAS Charter School now operates two PreK-12 campuses in Albuquerque, NM with a goal to serve over 5,000 students within the next five years.

Under JoAnn’s leadership, MAS Charter School to date has graduated five classes of seniors, sending 100% of their graduates to college or the military. What makes this remarkable is that on average, 50% of the graduating students are first generation high school graduates, and over 90% will be first generation college graduates, yet 100% are graduating high school and heading to college or the military. An uncommon statistic in New Mexico, one of the lowest ranked states in the nation for education.

JoAnn’s school is an “A” rated school in New Mexico, one of only 13% of schools in the State of New Mexico to receive this designation, and one of the only schools in New Mexico to receive this designation while serving an underserved student demographic. MAS Charter School under JoAnn’s leadership has also been recognized by the US World & News Report as one of the top rated New Mexico schools for elementary, middle school, and high school.

People who know JoAnn have often referred to her as a “force of nature.” JoAnn has served as a tireless champion of underserved students and communities. She is working to change not only education, but to change the perspective on what is possible in life, especially when life presents what seems like insurmountable obstacles. JoAnn represents the juxtaposition of being a humble and servant leader, yet a fierce fighter and vocal advocate for underserved children and communities. While her impact might not be known at a larger scale, I hope for her, her students, her families, and her community, that this nomination will change that, and put on display for everyone to see this courageous, iconic woman who has had immeasurable impact on so many lives. She is an inspiration, a motivation, and the clear definition of a Woman of Success who continues to shape our community while empowering those around her to recognize the infinite possibilities available to all of us when we push the limits, follow our dreams, and absolutely refuse to let life’s obstacles prevent us from reaching our highest potential.

Joanna James

Chief Ambassador

Joanna James is known as a revolutionary difference maker in the Design, Construction and Banking sectors and has been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur, The Advisor, MPA, Australian Broker, CIO and Insights Success. Today she uses her influence and expertise to shape the lives of women around the world.

She is known as Australia’s youngest female architect & builder. She